Monthly Archives: April 2016

Sisters on the Fly

If y’all haven’t read the recent posts on Facebook, here’s some exciting news! We’re all set to host Sisters on the Fly this coming Friday evening.  The sisters are an amazing group of women with adventuresome spirits who camp, fish, canoe, horseback ride and just generally “have more fun than anyone!”  Plus they raise a lot of money for charity.

They will be arriving at the drive-in on Friday afternoon and setting up their famously decorated vintage travel trailers for our patrons to tour.  For a donation to the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department you will be entitled to tour their BEEEAUTIFUL trailers.  For a sneak peek, check out their website: or visit our face book page for some fun video footage.

Our movie line up for the coming week, starting August 3rd and running through the 8th will be: Screen … Read More »

Winding Down for the Season

As I looked at the calendar today I realized September 3rd is only six weeks away. Six weeks left! Where did the summer go?  2012 will live long in our memories, it’s been a rough summer for Colorado.

The Twin will have a couple of new movies in August, Total Recall and Bourne Legacy.  We plan to bring back Brave at some point in August, as well.  IF we can work in Expendables 2, we will.  This time of year we are juggling the strength of each picture with the audience we can draw at the Twin.  With kids starting back to school and college students returning it changes the dynamics of our patrons and we try to find a good balance for all with the product that is available.  As is seasons past, we will close on the week days … Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises at Midnight Thursday plus weekend line-up

The Final installment of the iconic Batman trilogy rocks!  It is sure to rock the Twin at midnight Thursday.  What’s not to love? Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, and Morgan Freeman headline the fantastic cast.  To get your juices flowing follow the trailer link on our site.

The plan for Thursday night is as follows: Screen 1 will be Ice Age: Continental Drift with co-hit Brave.  Then we will clear the field, with the exception of those who have paid in advance for the Dark Knight, and then let those lined up in the driveway enter.  If you prefer you can watch Screen 2: The Amazing Spider Man and co-hit Men in Black 3.  Screen 2 viewers can also cross over and watch The Dark Knight, but will pay a separate admission as well.  You can pay advance at the box office!  … Read More »

Fire, Rain, what’s next? The Ice Age?

So far it has been one crazy summer here in Fort Collins.  May was glorious. The temps were delightful and we had nice clear nights for our fans to enjoy movies under the stars.  Then the High Park fire started and everything changed.  Our hearts were broken as we watched the loss of life, property and beautiful mountain terrain destroyed.  We’ve donated a number of tickets to fundraisers for the relief efforts and will continue to do so.

Next came rain.  WOW!  We considered offering raft service from the #2 screen to the snack bar on several nights 🙂  Our super loyal fans were there watching The Amazing Spider Man in a downpour and Melody-Joy and her fiance Tony got married on the roof on Sunday night! Meanwhile, my employees were considering wearing waders to work in a flooded snack bar.  … Read More »