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Wind, Weather and Warnings

Wind, rain, and weather temperatures always affect the drive-in business. The winds are forecast to be 15-20 miles per hour this weekend so sitting outside and watching a movie may prove difficult. Of course our weather is so variable here in Colorado. What’s the saying? “Wait 15 minutes and it will change.” But according to the NWS that will not be the case this weekend. If you’re planning on joining us this weekend please dress warmly and be prepared for windy conditions.

As a reminder we do have safety and insurance regulations that govern our business. They are posted on the rules section of the website but a few reminders can never hurt.

We don’t allow sub-woofers. This is as a courtesy to our neighbors as well as county sound ordinance. Security staff … Read More »

Car Club Nights and Trailers (the camping kind)

We’re looking forward to welcoming the Northern Colorado Mustang Club to the Drive-in on Friday night. Personally I’ve been asking for a cherry red 1965 mustang for years now, but “he who must not be named” has yet to see my “need”. 🙂

We welcome several car clubs throughout the season here at the Twin. If you’re a member of a car club and want to join us we have some specials for you. Besides being able to arrive early and park together we offer discounts for groups of 30 or more. It’s a great night out and our patrons really enjoy seeing all the cars.

In July we welcome back the Sisters On The Fly and their vintage travel trailers.

Last year 20 ladies and their vintage travel trailers joined us for an … Read More »

Memory Lane and this weeks Giveaway

I’ve had a couple of wonderful encounters with memorable folks this week. They warmed my heart and I want to share them with you.

First Michelle Kennedy from Rocky Mountain High School stopped by to write a story and take some pictures for the high school newspaper. We have a few students from Rocky that work for us; Tony Martinez, Mac Thompson, Michael Fanning and Roman Ortiz. Michelle wrote a nice article about them and their work at the drive-in in her school newspaper. While I was giving her a tour of our building, we stepped out on the roof so she could take a few photos there. I pointed out a mom and her two little boys, dressed in their footsie jammies all ready for the movie. That made us both say “ahhh”. Seeing these … Read More »

Our history with Top Gun

Back in 1986 the majority of drive-ins across the country were playing “second run” movies. Before the days of the mega plex theaters, most towns and cities had numerous one screen theaters all competing for the new or “first run” movies that were released. Drive-in’s were in the position of playing the left overs.

Wes, the owner of the Holiday Twin, was attending a convention for theater owners with Hollywood movie executives. As he tells it, “I really wanted to see what the Holiday Twin could do up against the indoor houses in town. After dinner one evening, having drinks, (I like to imagine it was a dirty martini, but that’s just me) I challenged the Paramount executive to give us a good first run feature and see what we could do.” It … Read More »

Weekend Line-up, Second Retro Night and Giveaway

Starting May 10th our movie line-up will be Iron Man 3 with the co-hit Olympus Has Fallen on Screen 1 and on Screen 2: Pain & Gain with the co-hit Oblivion. We’re open 7 nights a week now so avoid the crowds and join us during the week. A couple of our “regulars” stopped by last night and said how nice it was to come when you could spread out a little bit.

Hope you’re joining us on Tuesday, May 14th for our second retro night of the season. The Screen 2 line-up for that night is Risky Business and Top Gun. It’s all Tom Cruise, even in his “tidy whities”!! This will be the last retro night until August, so don’t miss out. Over on Facebook you’ll find a coupon to use toward … Read More »

Word on Iron Man 3

My inside sources tell me Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man yet! So all you hearty souls dress warm for this weekend and come enjoy the show. Does anyone remember it snowing on May 1st in the past 10 years? I can remember sleet in May but not 8″ of snow. I wish you could have seen my two white Westies! They hate snow, so going outside to “potty” was hilarious. I’d post a picture but I was laughing too hard to take one :D. The storm did give me a little time to catch up on a few things around the house and enjoy my favorite activity, quilting. I don’t get to do much of that during the season.

It’s melting fast today and by showtime tomorrow I’m hoping the majority of our … Read More »