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Top Ten List Finishes and Giveaway

This week I’m giving you the final five in our Top Ten List.

#5 – Can we just come to see the second feature? Yes of course! It’s the same price for one movie or two and we don’t shut the box office down until halfway through the second feature on both sides.

#4 – Do we have to stay for both movies? Oh yes, we won’t let you leave until the last credit runs!! Folks you can leave anytime you want, BUT….we don’t allow re-entry.

#3 – Why did you switch the sides? Last week this was side one and the other lane was side 2? Ok, now this one has us scratching our heads every time. We’re not sure if folks get confused when we move the movies from one side to the other or if … Read More »

Our Top Ten List & Blog Post Winners

While Letterman may be famous for his top ten list, we infamous for the number of questions we get that make us go ??eh??? We realize that anyone out of their normal environment tends to get a bit confused, some even lose their heads! Like we say in the airline business, “folks check their brains and carry on their luggage!” It is so true. There’s just something about our humanness that makes us out of sorts in unfamiliar situations. So here’s numbers 10-6 from our top ten list of questions asked that make us go “huh?”

#10. – “Why do we have to use the radio in our car?” – Well you don’t HAVE to, you can bring a radio from home. Not being an indoor theater, we can’t broadcast the sound out … Read More »

Happy 80th Anniversary Drive-In Theaters!

This is my favorite time of year. The nice sunny and warm days combine with cool nights. There’s a gentle breeze at the drive-in tonight and it makes for an excellent night to sit out and enjoy a movie under the stars. It makes me wonder if that’s what Richard Hollingshead, Jr. was thinking of when he launched his 400 car Automobile Movie Theater, back on June 6, 1933.

Shortly, we will begin showing a documentary on our snack bar tv entitled, “Going Attractions” by filmmaker April Wright. Wright has spent years compiling the history of drive-in’s all across the country. The Holiday Twin is part of the story and shown in the film.

Wes and I are proud to be members of a dwindling group of drive-in theater operators. We know … Read More »