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Another Season Comes to an End!

The end of our 2013 season is here! Our final two nights of the season will be September 6th and 7th. Our program will not change from the Labor Day Weekend line up. Planes and Despicable Me 2 on screen 1 and We’re the Millers and 2 Guns on screen 2. We will be offering a couple of specials each night and giving away the majority of the movie posters in the snack bar, come early if you want the good ones 🙂 We look forward to a nice break this fall and winter as we re-charge for next season. We’re certainly glad we made the digital conversion this year and hope our fans enjoyed the sharp picture. Thanks to everyone who made this year great! We appreciate your loyal patronage. Wes & Stephanie Webb Owners


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  1. Josh

    Thank you so much for keeping our summer tradition of living at the drive-in alive. With drive-ins practically extinct, its such a thrill that we still have one here just a few miles away. Thank you and please never give up on it. You can always count on my family and i to be there most the summer.

  2. Lonnie Noah

    My family and friends want to thank you for
    some great memories that we have had here .I remember going here 35 years ago when i was a kid.It was a great deal then and is still today.I still can’t believe how many people don’t no about it or hasent gone.once i tell them the price or about how nice it is to be in your own car to relax to watch the movie.And once they hear both they get a great BIG SMILE…And after they go i get thank yous from who ever i told.Some people don’t no about ft Collins having 3 at one time.1.sunset off prospect 2 . Between ft Collins and loveland.3 then the GREAT HOLIDAY TWIN DRIVE INN. My kids are all grown up but they still go with there girlfriend or boyfriend now.And they will tell me about when they go and that there happy i had showed them the drive inn .Now my wife gets a little mad at me because if i had it my way we would go every week.But lucky me she likes it also and we will go twice a month at least.sometimes 3.I remember when we had gegs and party there in the great old days as they would say.Thank god somethings have changed but thank God for somethings staying the same for the memories to have again.We love you guys and so does all other true drive inn people.So keep up the great work and please remember you make so many memories for family’s ,friends,girlfriend -boyfriend

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      We remember the Pines when we purchased the theater in 1979. Drive-in’s are a great American pastime. We hope to continue to provide many more summers of family memories for our fans! See you next Spring 🙂

  3. Tonya

    Do you have a pretty good guess at your start time this weekend? Driving from Estes and want to get the timing right!


    Darn! We were hoping for one more week since the weather has been so nice! 🙂 look forward to seeing you next season. By the way when does next season start? Enjoy your well deserved time off!!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      We really considered going another weekend then we looked at CSU’s home football schedule and realized they have a home game next weekend. The lights from the stadium and the traffic make it impossible for us to show movies on that Saturday. So we decided this was a good time to close-up and get ready for next Spring. Right now the first weekend of April looks like a strong possibility.

  5. Vern

    I hadn’t been out there in a while and couldn’t get my wife or friends to join me. Finally in August, I took my nine-year old stepson and his younger friend this summer for their first time. They had a blast watching the movie and ordering lots of food at the snack bar. I had a great time as well.

    I will bring them back several times next season. Thank you for all that you do to provide this wonderful and unique experience to Fort Collins and northern Colorado.

    By the way, I am wearing my t-shirt with pride around town!

  6. greg6363

    I was in attendance at the Colorado State football game last Saturday afternoon and noticed the drive-in as I was approaching the stadium. Wow, what a great location. I’ll have to come back to Ft. Collins during the summer in order to catch a movie. Something to look forward to in the future. Thanks.

  7. Gary

    My wife and I are glad we go on road trips. We find many interesting places in Colorado. We moved from California March 2013. It has been a very nostalgic remembrance when we seen the holiday twins out door theater. Now we can go see a movie again in our car. I promise we won’t sneak anyone in our trunk. Thank you for being here. Gary and Carlita

  8. Will

    When you guys start back up in April will it be weekends only? I’m trying to plan a birthday thing for a friend but wanted to come March 18th (a tuesday) if possible, he’s never been to a drive in and he’ll be 22! Any clue if y’all will be open then? Thanks so much! You guys have a GREAT drive in!

  9. John Molinar

    just wondering when are you going to open this year 2014 because me and my family love to go to your driving best place for a family to enjoy movies

  10. Lonnie

    Hi folks , It is the time of year again that some of us wish would stay just another month ! Sometimes time just gets so far away from us and we forget that the things we know we will always do many times to at least once !! Well for us people getting older as my self it would be real nice from are twin drive inn to always please a few weeks notice to let us know the last show is up day ! Because as we know it has been different many times in 50 years and with time going by so fast.We can now put those dates on are phones that is connected to everyone . So that way when that last alert goes off and if it’s a sad face like mine on yr calendar for the last show of the summer it also makes me smile because I have that last chance of a chance to see a few smiles and to relax one more time!! To next summer !
    ( please let yr customers know the closing time )
    And again 😎Ft Collins Loves You!
    Noah out ✌


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