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April 18 & 19 Movies

Showing April 18th & 19th at the Holiday Twin Drive In Theatre. Screen 1: Rio 2, rated G and Divergent, rated PG-13. Screen 2: Captain America:The Winter Soldier and Need For Speed, both features are rated PG-13. We’re looking forward to warmer weather, how about you? See you at the movies! Snackbarqueen


4 Responses to “April 18 & 19 Movies”

  1. Bob Grupe

    On the schedule, which movie plays first? The “feature” or the “co-hit”?

  2. Greg & Tess

    When to the features usually start? Or is it depending on when the sun goes down? Can’t find any information about the start times on your website, but we’re both really excited to on a date to the drive-in!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      We post the movies to start at dark, as that is a flexible time every night as the days grow longer. Right about now we’re on the screen by 8:00 – 8:15 and there are usually about 15 minutes of pre-show activity.


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