Word on Iron Man 3

My inside sources tell me Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man yet! So all you hearty souls dress warm for this weekend and come enjoy the show. Does anyone remember it snowing on May 1st in the past 10 years? I can remember sleet in May but not 8″ of snow. I wish you could have seen my two white Westies! They hate snow, so going outside to “potty” was hilarious. I’d post a picture but I was laughing too hard to take one :D. The storm did give me a little time to catch up on a few things around the house and enjoy my favorite activity, quilting. I don’t get to do much of that during the season.

It’s melting fast today and by showtime tomorrow I’m hoping the majority of our … Read More »

First Retro Night of the Season Plus a Giveaway!

We’re trilled to offer our first retro film night of the season on Tuesday, May 7th. Our screen Two will be showing; Grease, the Sing-a-long version with the co-hit American Graffiti.

We’ve waited a long time to be able to play movies other than the ones we booked that are current releases. We plan to have one more retro night in May. Tuesday, May 14th will be the second play date and we have not confirmed the movies yet, but we will announce them here as soon as we know.

There will be something for everyone come August when we go into full swing with our retro film offerings. Until then, will all the big summer movies being released we’re unable to get permission from the film companies to “cut them out” of a … Read More »

Spring time in the Rockies

“Wait 15 minutes and the weather will change!” It must be spring time in the Rockies. Wintery weather one day and 60 degrees the next. We plan to open again this weekend on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27. This will be our last weekend only week until mid-August. Our employees are happy and so are we!

I just started a Pinterest board dedicated to Drive-Ins. Replacing 35 mm film with digital has made me nostalgic, I guess. Everyone around here is looking forward to seeing the lot filled with folks who are out to enjoy a nice evening with their friends and family under the stars. You can follow me here:http://pinterest.com/cjsmom2/drive-in-theater-memories/.

We had some great press this past week in the Reporter Herald thanks to Jessica Benes. The story was picked … Read More »

Closed Due to Snow

The Holiday Twin will be closed this weekend, April 19-20 due to the weather conditions. With the amount of snow on the field we do not expect the conditions to change or improve enough to provide a pleasant experience for our patrons. We will re-open on Friday, April 26 and Saturday April 27th. Movies will be announced by Monday, April 22nd on our web site, on Facebook and via Twitter. Stay warm and be safe.

Nostalgic Cinema

Drive In’s are all the rage these days. It seems everywhere you go folks are talking about “their drive-in”. In our trade publication, “Box Office”, there is a nice article about drive-in’s this month. The author, David Binet, focuses on celebrating American Drive-ins through the years. Binet says, “Today’s drive-in cinema feels much like the drive-ins of yesteryear, only with some significant improvements.” Significant is right! Digital projection is transforming drive-in’s across the country. Today there are approximately 368 Drive-in theaters left in the United States. Those theaters have a screen count of 611. Amazingly, new drive-in’s are being built. The newest in Fort Worth, Texas (where year round operation is possible). While most drive-in’s close not because of a lack of business, but because of the cost of … Read More »

Opening Night 2013

We’re ready to open for the 2013 season! Our digital conversion is the largest and most expensive expansion we’ve ever undertaken at the Holiday Twin Drive-In. The purchase and installation of the digital projectors and required remodeling to accommodate this high tech equipment was more expensive than the purchase of the theater and property back in 1979. For those of you wondering how long the drive-in will be around, suffice it to say, we plan to be here a while.

On to the news of opening night. We’ve set the date for Friday, March 29th as the first night of 2013. Through April we will be open on Friday and Saturday nights only. While the weather is still unpredictable and we’re likely to have rain, snow and cold temperatures, that particular weekend has a good forecast and … Read More »

Weekend Update!!

I don’t know if it’s because he’s having a birthday or if it’s because he just wants to see me sweat, but my sweet husband (a.k.a. the owner) has decided to make every night this weekend $10 per car load! YIKES!! Yes, you read right, $10 every night, all weekend long.  Say good bye to the last 35 mm film movies you’ll ever see at the Holiday Twin and join us for a fun and inexpensive weekend.  We’ll be posting specials on Facebook and Twitter every night.  I’ll let you in on one deal in advance: All t-shirts will be 20% off every night.  Show your support for the Twin while you enjoy movies under the stars, and a full moon!

See you at the movies!


Final Weekend Fun

Hard to believe but our final weekend is fast approaching.  We worked with our film booker last week to make our last weekend a great one.  It’s costing us much more than we normally like to pay for movies combos, but we know our fans will support us. Screen 1 will be “Paranorman” with the co-hit “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” and Screen 2 will be “The Bourne Legacy” with the co-hit “Ted”.

We’ll be posting specials every night on Facebook and Twitter for the final four nights of the season.  Just a reminder, we’re open weekends only and the final four nights are 8/31, 9/1, 9/2 & 9/3.

To add to the excitement we’re having “retro” weekend.  All weekend if you come dressed in 50′s vintage clothing, think “Grease”, or drive a vintage auto, 60′s or earlier, we’ll give you … Read More »

Weekends Only, 2012 Season Ends

For the last three years we’ve closed after Labor Day.  We’ve owned the drive-in since 1979 and watched the trends very closely.  While there are always a few surprises thrown in the mix, one thing we know for certain; once school starts our weeknight business is almost non-existent.  That’s not to say that NO ONE comes to the drive-in, just not enough folks to justify remaining open during weeknights this time of year.  So we’ve made the decision to close on weeknights for the remainder of this season.  Starting today, August 22, we will have 7 open nights for the remainder of this season.  Those nights are: 8/24, 25, 26, 31 and 9/1, 2 and 3.  We’re working with our film booker to change-up the movies on the closing weekend and will know more the first of next week.  For … Read More »

Enjoying the Cool Down

Aren’t evenings wonderful in Fort Collins?  Coming from the heat in Saint George, Utah, I appreciate our nights here even more.  Even when the sun goes down in Saint George the temperature rarely drops below 90 degrees.  I’m sure our Fort Collins neighbors think we’ve lost it when we’re sitting outside at midnight in shirtsleeves watching the stars!  It usually takes us about 2 weeks to “get back to normal” once the season ends.  I laugh when regular people call me at 8:30 in the morning and apologize because they woke me up!  We usually get to bed around 2 am and our projectionist reports a 4 am bedtime.  You can imagine what a sight it was when I had to meet the tree trimming company at 7am at the drive-in this summer! Enough to scare small children, I’m sure. … Read More »