Another Season Comes to an End!

The end of our 2013 season is here! Our final two nights of the season will be September 6th and 7th. Our program will not change from the Labor Day Weekend line up. Planes and Despicable Me 2 on screen 1 and We’re the Millers and 2 Guns on screen 2.

We will be offering a couple of specials each night and giving away the majority of the movie posters in the snack bar, come early if you want the good ones 🙂

We look forward to a nice break this fall and winter as we re-charge for next season. We’re certainly glad we made the digital conversion this year and hope our fans enjoyed the sharp picture.

Thanks to everyone who made this year great! We appreciate your loyal patronage.

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Last Weeknight This Season

Tonight, August 15th is our last weeknight for the 2013 season. Is everyone ready for school? I remember the mad rush to get ready for school every year. Now with college kids it’s not as hectic, just more expensive 🙂

We’re down to weekends only. Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s are you’re only nights to enjoy movies under the stars for the remainder of our season.

Here’s the line up for Friday, August 16th through Sunday, August 18th.

Screen 1: Planes with co-hit Now You See Me
Screen 2: Elysium with co-hit The Conjuring.

See you at the movies!

Augusts’ most anticipated openings!

The two most anticipated movie openings in August will be playing at the Holiday Twin this weekend. We had to wait an extra day for our film booker to work out the deal but we were able to land both features this week. (Pun intended) 🙂

August 9-15th our line-up will be as follows:

Screen 1: Planes with co-hit The Smurfs 2

Screen 2: Elysium with co-hit The Wolverine

Elysium is rated R and we will be playing it first even though Wolverine is rated PG-13. We previewed the film and it’s mostly violence, but not more so than Wolverine to a large degree. It has language as well. With it being the new movie, we decided to play it first despite it’s rating.

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New Line Up

Our line up for Friday, August 2nd through Thursday, August 8 will be as follows:

Screen 1: The Wolverine with co-hit Red2
Screen 2: The Smurfs 2 with co-hit Despicable Me 2

That’s a lot of 2’s!! I don’t we have that many for the marquee, so we may have to improvise. Too, Two, to, tu, II….hum….? Any other ideas?

LOL, I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

We’ll be on the screen rain or star shine. We will be closing weeknights starting on August 19th, through the end of our season. We will remain open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

See you at the movies!

It’s Almost August??

It is almost August? WOW! “Where did summer go?”, doesn’t even begin to describe how fast this season has gone by. Normally by the first part of August we’re winding down around here. This year, not so much. We have a number of special events in August, as I talked about in my earlier post. We’re focusing a lot of our energy on those events and also considering staying around weekends only in September.

A number of factors affect our decision. First, what will the film line-ups look like? If the pictures are poor, so goes the business. Second, we need to consider CSU’s home football schedule. Saturday afternoon and evening games drastically affect our ability to manage our traffic flow and the stadium lights completely wash out the … Read More »

Super New T’s and Logo Mugs

We’ve waited a long time this summer for our new merchandise to arrive and it’s finally all here! We added some hot new t-shirt colors for both guys and gals and we’re now offering a logo stainless steel beverage mug. These are high quality mugs that really keep your drinks hot or cold. We’ve been using samples for about a month and I’m hooked on my ice blue HTDI mug 🙂 When you purchase a mug we will fill it with the beverage of your choice from our snack bar! (First time only, as we can’t refill outside containers).

Here’s a sneak peek at the mugs and t’s. The t’s are super soft and wash very well. All our merchandise is available in the snack bar and by the end of the month you’ll be able to purchase … Read More »

Movies Change like the Weather Around Here

Wait 15 minutes and the weather and the movies will change…

Just when I think we have something locked down, Whoops, think again! What was once a done deal is now un-done. Grown Ups 2 will not be paired with Turbo on Wednesday, July 17th. Instead the line up looks like this: Screen 1: Turbo with co-hit Despicable Me 2 and Screen 2: Grown Ups 2 with co-hit The Lone Ranger. Then on Friday, July 19th, the only change will be Screen 2 when White House Down will replace The Lone Ranger as the co-hit to Grown Ups 2.

This movie business is strange to say the least. A film company tentatively agrees to one deal, then their pictures draws better than expected and suddenly they won’t agree to terms they had previously agreed … Read More »

Party Central & Giveaway

We had a great time last night hosting the Sisters On The Fly. Their delightful vintage trailers are a hit at the drive-in!

We host a number of groups throughout the season and this year is turning out to be busier than usual. On tap we have 3 birthday parties, 4 groups, several car clubs as well as a preschool group in their school bus 🙂

The CSU campus activities director contacted us asking for a CSU double-feature night in August! WHEW! That could be a few folks 🙂

Last year we had a wedding – on the roof – in the rain, no less. This year brings us another challenge as we host a wedding reception for 150 people!!
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Happy 4th of July! Winners Announced

Happy July 4th everyone! Hope you are all celebrating with your family and friends this great holiday of our nations’ independence. We are sleeping! Well, obviously I’m not sleeping, but we are taking some time to rest today after our busy night last night. Also, getting re-charged for what looks like a very full weekend.

I watched a bit of Despicable Me 2 last night and laughed until I cried. I didn’t think it could be better than the first one but I was wrong. I LOVE those minions, “hehehehe Bottom” – oh that is hilarious! The minions are featured all throughout the credits as well, so don’t leave early. Great family movie, don’t miss it!

I’m missing my parents this week as they took a short vacation to Canada. Kudos … Read More »

Top Ten List Finishes and Giveaway

This week I’m giving you the final five in our Top Ten List.

#5 – Can we just come to see the second feature? Yes of course! It’s the same price for one movie or two and we don’t shut the box office down until halfway through the second feature on both sides.

#4 – Do we have to stay for both movies? Oh yes, we won’t let you leave until the last credit runs!! Folks you can leave anytime you want, BUT….we don’t allow re-entry.

#3 – Why did you switch the sides? Last week this was side one and the other lane was side 2? Ok, now this one has us scratching our heads every time. We’re not sure if folks get confused when we move the movies from one side to the other or if … Read More »