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Beautiful Nights, Hazy Days

For some reason, we have been having the most beautiful nights at the drive-in, despite the fire raging over the hill.  We’ve been blessed with the winds from the South and East this week so the conditions at the drive-in have been ideal every night.  It was a great week for folks to enjoy the movies and the crowds were non-existent, which made it enjoyable for movie watchers wanting a little more elbow room! During the day we’ve had hazy and some smoke, but nothing that I would say had any health risk.  I’ve spent enough time in the L.A. basin and Salt Lake City area to know bad air quality, and this past week has never come close to what those folks experience during their bad air quality days.  Our field clean-up crew has had to endure the hazy, but our patrons have been enjoying wonderful weather. We did not change movies this weekend, June 15-21.  We’re holding what we have so we can play Pixar’s movie, Brave.  We felt this is in keeping with our “family friendly” environment, here at the Twin. It’s sometimes a tough decision to “pass” on a big opener because we’re not always sure what will draw a crowd and what will not.  However, our film booker has been with us for over 30 years, in all our drive-in theaters, and he knows the Twin very well.  So we trust him and he has very rarely steered us in the wrong direction.  The terms of a new movie can also affect our ability to play any up-coming features, so there are times when we have to pass on a film we would like to play.  It’s a complicated business and we’re grateful to have a loyal film booker to navigate the waters for us. Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful Dads out there, including my own.  He’s a great grill guy, isn’t he?  On Sunday night he’s projecting for us so my son can take a night off and hang with his friends who are in town from Saint George, Utah. See you at the movies! Snackbarqueen


5 Responses to “Beautiful Nights, Hazy Days”

  1. Dawn L

    I’m so glad the Holiday Twin is still open and the prices are so reasonable. We evacuated from our home Wednesday and have been staying with family. As you can imagine we are ready for some alone time. What better way than to spend it watching 2 great movies under the stars!!!

    Thank you for being open all these years!!

  2. Davis family

    We are from Naples Florida and our boys (8,11) have never been to a drive in. We are excited to be there tonight and greatful that you have such family friendly movies showing. Thank you!

  3. Valerie DePew

    About a week ago, I noticed that you were putting what the coming weekend’s movies were on your website…I think this is a great idea, because we like to have an idea of what will be playing so that we can make our weekend plans. Thank you!!!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      I’ve tried to put the coming soon movies up as I get the commitment from my film booker. However, I put Rock of Ages on there and then we weren’t able to make it happen with the films we were playing at that time. I’ve put up likely candidates for the next month or so. Please know we’re not like an indoor theater where they have multiple screens and can commit to every first run movie that is out there. We rent our movies as a combo deal and sometimes one film company does not want to “play in the same sandbox” with another film company. I know it’s hard for the general public to understand, but we’re just not the same animal as an indoor house. The bonus with a drive-in like ours is you get two newer movies for the price of one. Don’t hold my feet to the fire on what’s coming up, but it’s likely these movies will be in our line-up for the month ahead.

  4. lynn

    really stinks your not showing rock of ages! Was looking forward to watching it there this weekend! Actually been disappointed with the movie selections this year!!


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