Adventures of the Snackbarqueen



Tidbit – “A small piece of news or information.”

Here at the Holiday Twin Drive In Theatre we are always looking for ways to better communicate with our customers.  After all, if you don’t know what’s showing, how will you decide to come to the movies?

In early 2014 the issue of missing information came to the forefront when I became aware of our patrons having difficulty seeing our social media posts. As a result, I began to earnestly think about and research the most effective communication tools available. I’ll spare you the details, however I eventually landed on the idea of designing and building our own app to utilize push notification technology thereby reaching our customers directly.  Notifications are sent via an app, directly to the notification bar/ lock screen of your smart phone and allowed by you.  For a … Read More »

Red Bull TV: The Fourth Phase

Miss watching movies under the stars?Waiting for the snow to fly?Answer yes to one or both of those questions and we’ve got just the thing. October 2nd we will be playing Travis Rice’s new snowboard movie on the big screen!  Join Red Bull TV and us as we present “The Fourth Phase”.  Legendary snowboarder Travis Rice and his team embark on 16,000 mile (26,000 km) journey to some of the North Pacific’s most dreamlike landscapes.  Just watching the trailer is a thrill ride…But wait… The best part is, its free. Yes we said free. Get your tickets here. (yep $0, but we do have a limit so get ’em quick) This is going to be an event. Get stoked folks, we definitely are. We’ll groove early with some live music! Your favorite food trucks will be here for great eats and … Read More »

The Links opens at the Twin

Some of my crew all set to play putt putt at our new 9-hole course!We opened the putt putt course last night for a trial run.  We’ve spent over a month cleaning off the area in front a screen 1, building a putt putt shack and getting the course installed.  We’ll be open every night once the gates open for your pre-show entertainment.  We have some fun additions planned as we go along, including movie themed holes, logo score cards and golf balls and even some glow in the dark fun!  It’s just $3 to play nine holes and the rules are posted at the shack!Check it out!See you at the movies!Snackbarqueen

Drive In Season Begins

Welcome to June! The official launch of the Drive-in season coincides with the first big movie in June and this year it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.  The second feature will be Angry Birds.  One Screen 2 we’ll be playing The Jungle Book with the second feature X-Men:Apocalypse.  Every summer we have some really tough decisions to make about which movies we play and which ones we pass on in order to make sure we can play the hits that will follow.  We are a family friendly theatre and rarely play R rated films. Tonight, Friday June 3rd, we welcome the Sisters on the Fly to our theatre.  Visit their website  and see for yourself what this wonderful organization is all about.  They’ll have their delightful vintage trailers on hand tonight and you can take a … Read More »

Weather Closure

Saturday, May 7 & Sunday, May 8th we will be closed due to weather.  The field conditions and weather forecast force us to close for the remainder of the weekend.We plan to be open on May 13-15th.  Check back for updates next week.Happy Mother’s Day!Snackbarqueen