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Enjoying the Cool Down

Aren’t evenings wonderful in Fort Collins?  Coming from the heat in Saint George, Utah, I appreciate our nights here even more.  Even when the sun goes down in Saint George the temperature rarely drops below 90 degrees.  I’m sure our Fort Collins neighbors think we’ve lost it when we’re sitting outside at midnight in shirtsleeves watching the stars!  It usually takes us about 2 weeks to “get back to normal” once the season ends.  I laugh when regular people call me at 8:30 in the morning and apologize because they woke me up!  We usually get to bed around 2 am and our projectionist reports a 4 am bedtime.  You can imagine what a sight it was when I had to meet the tree trimming company at 7am at the drive-in this summer! Enough to scare small children, I’m sure. The drive-in life is not for the faint-hearted or the “early to rise” type.  Of course being a flight attendant for 26 years has taught me a thing or two about irregular schedules. I can shower, do my hair and make-up, dress in heels and be out the door in 45 minutes.  I’m not too happy about it, but it can be done.  Anything for 30 more minutes of sleep :)

Our line up for August 10-16 will be: Screen 1 Brave with co-hit Bourne Legacy and Screen 2 Ice Age: Continental Drift with co-hit Total Recall.  Next Friday, August 17 we will open Expendables 2.  We’d like to pay Ted before the season ends and possibly go back and pick up another co-hit we haven’t played this season.  It will all depend on the business and film company negotiations.

We’re getting a number of requests for group events at the drive-in and I’m letting everyone know that we’ll be closing September 3rd and our weekends are filling up fast.  Next season we’ll have a lot more wiggle room for events as we can play longer with the digital projectors.

We’re welcoming a couple of new employees to the drive-in this weekend and we’ve said good bye to some of our favorites as they head back to college.  It’s always a busy time of year for us and this year is no exception.  Planning for the digital conversion is an enormous undertaking.  Our prices will remain the same next year and we may open a couple of weeks earlier just to “get our feet wet” with the new equipment.  We’ll also extend the season, as I mentioned above, to accommodate group events and are even considering have a “Trunk or Treat” event around Halloween.  Digital is a whole new world and endless possibilities.

See you at the movies!


12 Responses to “Enjoying the Cool Down”

  1. Heather Daniels

    Im so glad that Brave will play with Bourne Legacy because I want to see them both. My friends and I will be there Saturday night!! Cant wait!
    Thank you for always providing us with a fun evening!!!

    • Heather G

      We have been so busy the last couple of weeks that we missed Brave and Bourne Legacy. My 11 year old is dying to see the Bourne Legacy (his birthday is Saturday) and my 8 year old daughter wants to see Brave. It would be great if you paired them up one last time. :-)

      • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

        While they are not playing together, they will each continue to play this weekend, 8/24-8/26. So you could have two nights at the drive-in this weekend!

        • Heather G

          If only we had the time…We love your drive-in and love the family friendly atmosphere. Thanks for giving my kids great memories. :-)

  2. Ruth Butterfield

    We’ll be up tonight to see Ice Age & Total Recall. We’re only make it up a few times each season from Westminster, but always enjoy our ‘date nights’ at ‘your place’ tremendously & always wish we’d made it up more often. We never go to the multiplexes anymore. We’ve always been impressed with the clean & friendly atmosphere up there & the crowd is the most well-behaved, courteous bunch we’ve ever encountered at drive-ins. We’ve always been very pleased with your concession stand treats also. My husband & I are so glad to hear you’ll be able to make it into the digital age next year. We were so afraid you’d have to close. See you soon!

  3. Bobbie Cooper

    My children and I have enjoyed coming to the Holiday Twin for the past 15 years that we have lived here in Colorado. A fellow co-worker turned me onto to you. I love seeing my kids experience the outdoor viewing in our foldup chairs we put in front of the car. It reminds me of my childhood. And we always buy our snacks at your concession stand because I know that’s probably where you actually can make some money and we support that. Summer for us always includes a night or two or three at the Holiday Twin Drive In….thanks for hanging in there during these harsh economic times.

  4. Lauren

    I was just wondering how long will Brave be playing for? Will you still be playing it next weekend (17th/18th)? I have been waiting for it to come back and am sorry that I missed it this weekend.

  5. DYoung

    Any chance you’ll get The Odd Life of Timothy Green there before the end of season? The family would love to see that one at your drive-in (early show)…

  6. Amanda

    I love you guys! I hope the Holiday Twin is around for many years to come. It’s nice to have the option of watching a movie or looking for shooting stars – all in the same spot :)

  7. Alice

    Wow…another season come and gone again. I was just posting on FB how I was hoping for a Halloween-type showing someday! :D I’m gonna miss you guys and will not know what to do until you open up in the spring! <3


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