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Fall 2017 Calendar

Fall 2017 Calendar
Summer has ended…

We thank all of you who have supported us with our Kickstarter.

(If you have questions shoot us an email at with your Backer # and we will get back to you!)

In other news.

We have a few fall events to announce!

Fall Back Fest! November 3rd.

Presented by Odell Brewing CO. Fall Back Fest is the release party for Odell Brewing’s Mountain Standard Black IPA. 

Great beer, food, shenanigans, and not to mention a great movie! (Dumb and Dumber) 

Ready to get your tickets now? Snag them here.

“Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself.” — Harry

Spook-a-thon Friday, Oct. 27th – Tickets!

Give us your input on what you’d like to see!

We plan on playing 2 horror films together and 2 Monster Movie classics together on Friday the 27th!
  • Costume Contest*

*no swords, knives or weapons will be permitted.

Trunk-O-Treat! Saturday, Oct. 28th – Tickets!

Tell us what you and the kids want to see here.

This one is for the kids! (Adults are welcome of course…) 

Decorate your car, bring the Trick or treaters (in this case Trunk or Treaters) and remember the candy!
  • Costume Contest*
  • Best Car Decoration Contest
*no swords, knives or weapons will be permitted.

See you at the Movies!


22 Responses to “Fall 2017 Calendar”

  1. Jennifer

    What a great idea! Halloween, the first one would be good or Monster House, for the kids.

  2. Neal moody

    This is a wonderful idea to do events for once! The kids well have a great time on both nights at a great place!
    Halloween at the drive in! Great idea!

  3. Steve Butler

    Horror movies : The Thing and The Mist

    Monster movies : The Mummy and The Wolf Man

  4. Joe

    Suggestion for the horror movie double feature- “IT” and “The Exorcist”. Or maybe “Jaws” and “Psycho”.

  5. Sharon

    Great idea!! Here’s some movie suggestions IT, The Shining, Pet Cemetery, The Silence of the Lambs

  6. Tricia

    Great Ideas. We have grown children but love the idea of decorating our car and handing out candy to all the trick or treaters!

  7. Renai

    Great idea! The Shining and the exorsist or Halloween and trick or treat for adult night and for the kids frankinwinnie and paranorman!

  8. Elizabeth

    This is so awesome!! We will be there..great ideas. Love Holiday Twin Drive In Theater, so happy you are still here ❤❤❤

  9. Taylor

    Any of the Halloween movies(new or old), Boogey Man, Prom Night, or Unfriended for the horror movies. Hocus Pocus is a great family/kid Halloween movie.

  10. sue

    interested in the fall events spook a thon and trunk or treat
    how do we buy tix in advance

    We have 3 boys 3, 9 and 10 and into horror movies

    I’ll hve to think on the movies suggestions – Hitchcock’s the Birds’ would be great – ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ any old classic ‘Them’

    the boys said ‘Friday the 13th’ ‘It the original’ ‘Halloween #1 the original’

  11. Maribel diaz

    Love all the choices you provided, would definitely love to see Nightmare before Christmas that is our Halloween theme this year🎃

  12. Krista

    Are you planning on having any shows in November? I have family visiting for Thanksgiving and wondered if you would have any scheduled movies/events to plan for.


  13. Karen

    I am just wondering when you guys will be opening this year. I know it’s only the beginning of March but we have been dying to come to the drive in already!! 😊😊


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