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Fire, Rain, what’s next? The Ice Age?

So far it has been one crazy summer here in Fort Collins.  May was glorious. The temps were delightful and we had nice clear nights for our fans to enjoy movies under the stars.  Then the High Park fire started and everything changed.  Our hearts were broken as we watched the loss of life, property and beautiful mountain terrain destroyed.  We’ve donated a number of tickets to fundraisers for the relief efforts and will continue to do so. Next came rain.  WOW!  We considered offering raft service from the #2 screen to the snack bar on several nights 🙂  Our super loyal fans were there watching The Amazing Spider Man in a downpour and Melody-Joy and her fiance Tony got married on the roof on Sunday night! Meanwhile, my employees were considering wearing waders to work in a flooded snack bar.  What a week, and up next….. Ice Age: Continental Drift.  Let’s hope it’s just a movie and not a climate change for Fort Collins. Ice Age will play with Brave on Screen 1 and The Amazing Spider Man will play with Men in Black 3 on Screen 2.  Thursday night, July 19, at midnight, we will show The Dark Knight Rises. See you at the movies 🙂 Snackbarqueen  


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  1. Melody-Joy

    Was the best wedding EVER. I cant imagine a more perfect moment for us. The pouring rain and all 😀 thank you sooooo much!


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