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Happy 4th of July! Winners Announced

4thflag Happy July 4th everyone! Hope you are all celebrating with your family and friends this great holiday of our nations’ independence. We are sleeping! Well, obviously I’m not sleeping, but we are taking some time to rest today after our busy night last night. Also, getting re-charged for what looks like a very full weekend. I watched a bit of Despicable Me 2 last night and laughed until I cried. I didn’t think it could be better than the first one but I was wrong. I LOVE those minions, “hehehehe Bottom” – oh that is hilarious! The minions are featured all throughout the credits as well, so don’t leave early. Great family movie, don’t miss it! I’m missing my parents this week as they took a short vacation to Canada. Kudos and many, many thanks to our friend Jim Eddy who filled in on the the grill last night! Dad and I are very grateful. The Top Ten list was great fun, and informative, as I found out. Congratulations to Sara L and Steve M, they were the winners of the blog contest this week. They’ll be receiving two passes to join us this summer for a fun night under the stars! See you at the moives! Sanckbarqueen


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  1. Helen Keller (yes really)

    One of my favorite drive-in experiences was on a family road trip in the 50’s. There was a motel somewhere in Kansas with big sliding glass doors facing the big screen and they piped the sound right into your room. Of course there were all the Friday night dates year round in Chicago at our local “passion pit”. Now it has been a loved tradition with my kids, grandkids and great grandson. I love being able to help keep my history alive.

  2. Bill

    The Minions are HILARIOUS; I was in TEARS watching DM2! There are, in particular, two 70s references that, if you’re say 43 or older, will have you doubled over. 🙂

  3. Bill

    BTW, any chance that you could someday add pizza to the snack bar menu?

    It’s the only classic drive-in snack bar food you’re missing.

  4. Debra

    I am so glad that you are still around, it brings back some very fond memories for me. My first grown up movie was seen at the Drive in (no longer there) in Colorado Springs, I still remember the way it felt to go see it. We’ve been up to see several movies this year already and plan to come see more; but now I bring the grand kids! Thanks for keeping this wonderful experience available for the younger generations. We will see you soon.

  5. John Ryan

    I’m so excited to come up this week with my two year old son. This will be his first movie theater experience. I loved going to the drive in’s as a kid and hope my son has as much fun as I did. Thanks so much for keeping history alive.

  6. kimberly franklin

    am a single mom of 2 who does not receive child support. Found this site of fun cheap things to do with your kids. I am so excited to have a mom/son night at the drive in!!!! I have wonderful memories when I was a child with my family at the drive in. Excited to start memories with my kids! Thank you for keeping this tradition alive for so many people!

  7. Drive in junkies

    My family has recently moved back into the area and I was thrilled to see that the drive in of my childhood is still going strong!
    For a cheap, super fun and WAY more comfortable than theater seats experience I say keep the drive in alive!
    We have been like 4 times already since May… It is just a fun night out!!
    Thank you


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