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It’s Almost August??

It is almost August? WOW! “Where did summer go?”, doesn’t even begin to describe how fast this season has gone by. Normally by the first part of August we’re winding down around here. This year, not so much. We have a number of special events in August, as I talked about in my earlier post. We’re focusing a lot of our energy on those events and also considering staying around weekends only in September. A number of factors affect our decision. First, what will the film line-ups look like? If the pictures are poor, so goes the business. Second, we need to consider CSU’s home football schedule. Saturday afternoon and evening games drastically affect our ability to manage our traffic flow and the stadium lights completely wash out the #2 screen. And of course there’s the weather factor. Will it be dry, rainy, cold? I’ll keep you posted on our decision. In the meantime here’s the line-up for Friday, July 26th – Thursday, August 1st: Screen 1: The Wolverine with co-hit Pacific Rim Screen 2: Turbo with co-hit Despicable Me 2 See you at the movies! Snackbarqueen


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  1. tony diaz

    Hello,our family saw your column reguarding your theatre possibly staying open in sept. or so. We are absoloutely thrilled to here that you are considering it.Our family loves your drive inn and hope that you’ll please stay open longer this year.Your drive inn gives us serious family time in which a lot of familys I see don’t have,we owe it to you and thank you for keeping tradition alive w/the drive inn -family time experience .A SHORT STORY FOR YOU…last year our family got all our stuff together and bought all our food , snacks,drinks,etc..blankets,radio,[you get the picture]well it was the night after you closed and we showed up only to see your closed w/boards screwed to the bldgs. and all much to our surprise.we were floored to say the thing was to contemplate you all were closed for the season,but another story to think you may be closed for good,panic started to set in .later that next day we found out it was only for the season,we were relieved. Bummed about not seeing show ,but relieved you are still open.We wish you all and your familys the very best and hope and pray that your/our drive inn has many many more centurys of family time to come.god bless and thank you all again.tony diaz ,Loveland,co.

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Hi Tony, Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I am sorry about your family getting all set to come to the theatre only to find out we had closed for the season last year. I try to let folks know via every venue possible when closing night is. This year, please check our FB, or call the movie line at 970-221-1244 to get up to date info. We will most likely stay open the first two weekends in September and go from there with our decision process. I will keep you posted here.

  2. Britt

    My son has had so much fun at the drive in this summer!!! It’s such an awesome experience for him. I can’t wait to take him so see Planes!!

  3. Tyler


    If you really want to support the drive-in, try purchasing your food from the snack bar, that’s where they make their money. My family loves the burgers and the prices are VERY reasonable – and they’re great made-to-order grilled burgers. The Holiday Twin is one of three drive-inns left in Colorado and I want them to be around for a long time, as I’m sure you do too. So think about spending your snack money where it will ensure we all get to enjoy family fun now and in the future.

  4. Pamela Dickman

    I, for one, hope you continue well into September. For me, cooler nights snuggled up in blankets and PJs at the drive-in are a great way to cap off a really busy summer! I am looking forward to the before mentioned retro nights!

    • christy

      Staying open in sep. Would be wonderful my husband has been away since april due back sep. 6th would love to do first date night at the drive inn

  5. Jody

    We too love your theater, brings back memories of my childhood in my “footy PJs” lying in the back of my parent’s station wagon munchin on popcorn; not to mention, dates w/hubby as teens 30+ yrs ago back home in WI frequenting our local drive-in as well as one up in Door County where my family vacationed (that one, thankfully, is still open). Anyway, we plan to be up in Ft Collins (we live in Monument) for the Historic Homes Tour Sept 7 and really hope you’ll be open that wknd so we can have some more nostalgic fun at night! We’ve been doing get-aways to Ft Collins for several yrs now and have treated our sons when they were younger to “Cars” at your drive-in – like others, making family memories. Thank you for being there continuing to keep nostalgia & memory-making alive! 🙂


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