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Jimmy Buffett Ticket Giveaway

Woodhouse_Buffett_403x403_MAY2_Facebook_V1 Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band live simulcast is quickly approaching. June 19th is going to be a fabulous night. Get your tickets now at We will have a few open spaces reserved for that night, but to guarantee your spot, purchase you tickets on-line! Our website has all the details and rules that apply that evening. Check them out here: We open the box at 6:00 pm that night. We’re thrilled to welcome Zachariah Dean Band as the live pre-show entertainment. Our food menu has been expanded. Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Caribbean Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Jamacian Jerk Chicken, Margaritas and Beer on tap from Horse & Dragon Brewery. It’s going to be a fabulous night under the stars. The first 400 people through the gates get “lei’d”!! 🙂 We’re giving away two sets of two tickets! To enter, re-write the words to your favorite Jimmy Buffett song using lyrics that mention the drive-in experience! Be creative 🙂 Our judges will pick two winners on Tuesday at 5:00 pm, so get your entries in soon. Note: you only have to write a chorus or a verse, no need to re-write the entire song! Winners will be notified via email and their tickets will be available at will-call the night of the show! Fins up! Snackbarqueen


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  1. Gail Bancroft

    now whatever happened to all the other drivens. I guess its time to go to the holiday twin driven with my transistor radio………………………………………………….my brown eyed girl-jimmy buffet.

  2. Mark Schiller

    Here is my entry: “Drive-In” Sung to the tune of “Fins”

    They came out from all over Fort Collins,
    Drove only 20 minutes max
    Lookin’ for a big-screen party,
    and craving those drive-in snacks.

    Some live out near the foothills
    And they’re missing Jimmy’s sharks.
    First groovin with the ZD Band…
    The main show starts after dark.

    Can’t you see ’em drivin-in’, honey?
    So fun ‘tail-gating’ around?
    You got cars to the left, trucks to the right,
    You’re at the biggest screen in town!
    Oh oh
    Oh oh
    You got cars to the left, vans to the right,
    A drive-in party for the town!

    You saved up all of your money,
    Now you found the best place to go,
    See a big-screen band with THE raggae man,
    and it didn’t take all of your dough!

    A big-screen summer season,
    And you can bring a whole car-load.
    Holiday high as the months go by
    Twin-screens just off the road

    Can’t you see ’em drivin’ in, honey?
    Flippin’ them tailgates down.
    You got cars to the left, trucks to the right,
    You’re at the biggest screen in town!

    Beach chairs in the pickup,
    Now the stars are all around
    In the sky, on the screen, everywhere in-between
    All right here in your home-town!

    And now you feel like summer has started
    Drive-in parties are a kick
    After work next week, craving movie mystique
    You know you’ll be back for a flick

    Can’t you see ’em drivin-in’, honey?
    Parrotheads ‘tail-gating’ around.
    You got cars to the left, trucks to the right,
    You’re at the biggest screen in town!
    You got cars to the left, vans to the right,
    Drive-in party for the town!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Fantastic! Fun! Fabulous! Can we use this on our Facebook? We’d like to get our staff together, sing your version and post it on YouTube as well!! Great Job 🙂

      • Mark Schiller

        I’m glad you like it… happy to have you use this on your Facebook and YouTube!

        Fins Up!

      • Mark Schiller

        Please include my name in the author credits for your posts, just in case Jimmy wants to put us all on tour :-). If you’d like some backup, let me know as I sing a little, too. Have fun!

  3. Helmi Sandifer

    Thank God The Snack bar is open
    Thank God the tiki torch still shines
    Thank God The Snack bar is open
    Come on in and open up your mind

    Full moon over The Holiday Twin Drive-in
    Full moon in my mind
    And a Margarita is within reach
    And the Hula chicken will taste divine

    From “The Tiki Bar Is Open”

  4. Donna Rupert

    Sing along to “pencil thin mustache”

    Now they make new movies in old black and white,
    So if you find yourself in that nostalgic rage,
    Honey, jump right up and show your age.

    I wish two drive-in tickets were mine,
    The “awesome free” kind, or a two toned car parked for Jimmy is Devine!

  5. Julie Bailey

    “Why Don’t we get Drunk”

    ” I really do appreciate the fact you’re parked at the Holiday Twin Drive In. Boy it sounds so wonderful, and the movie is quite clear.
    Go to the snack bar and get a pitcher, another round of brew. Why don’t we get drunk and View”

    Why don’t we get drunk and View.

    I just got a Ford Mustang it’s filled up with the kids and you. They say you don’t like Drive-in’s but honey, I don’t think that’s true.

    So why don’t we get drunk and View! “


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