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Memory Lane and this weeks Giveaway

I’ve had a couple of wonderful encounters with memorable folks this week. They warmed my heart and I want to share them with you.

First Michelle Kennedy from Rocky Mountain High School stopped by to write a story and take some pictures for the high school newspaper. We have a few students from Rocky that work for us; Tony Martinez, Mac Thompson, Michael Fanning and Roman Ortiz. Michelle wrote a nice article about them and their work at the drive-in in her school newspaper. While I was giving her a tour of our building, we stepped out on the roof so she could take a few photos there. I pointed out a mom and her two little boys, dressed in their footsie jammies all ready for the movie. That made us both say “ahhh”. Seeing these young families making memories with their little ones is one of the main reasons Wes and I still operate the Twin. As we spend our winters in warm weather, we spend a lot of time reminiscing about the past season and all the families and regulars we enjoyed.

Then later in the week an older gentleman pulled up to the box office and asked Wes if he could see our new projectors, as he had heard we converted to digital. We invited him in and he told me the story of how he used to be a projectionist in the Army. His equipment was the old reel to reel style. He told me all about his years in the service and some of the great black and white films he used to show. You can imagine how he marveled at the digital technology. So much so, he brought in a friend later in the week and I invited them to stick around and watch me start the show. They were both amazed and the simplicity of the process on the projectionist end and the complexity of the process in regards to the digital projector itself. Such sweethearts and I enjoyed them both.

So the new and the old, all together in one week. Making memories and recanting memories, one of the best weeks ever!

For this weeks giveaway post your favorite movie memory and you could win a movie pass for two adults and two kids and a popcorn combo deal in our snack bar. Contest ends Tuesday, May 21st at midnight.

See you at the movies!


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  1. val

    me and my mom and dad and sister and brother use to come up there every Friday night when I was a kid that was our family night. me and my husband still try to get up there is much as we can now it’s our date night

  2. Brady Collins

    As the third in a line of four kids, I had my older brothers to take to movies. One of my favorite memories was when they took me to see Hellraiser when it first came out. I have always been a fan of horror movies! I was about 8-9 when it came out, and living in Las Vegas at the time. Everyone thought I would be freaked out, yet I could not stop talking about it after the show! I went on for weeks about how cool it was! I am still to this day a HUGE Pin Head fan! I now take my son to movies all the time as it is one of our special times together! He is also a big fan of horror films! We have done one trip to the drive inn already this summer, and with all the good movies yet to come out, we plan on many more trips to your amazing facility! I am very thankful my son gets to enjoy and experience one of the best drive inn’s around!

  3. Andrea Gomez

    I’ve always loved movies. It was never a problem until I became an adult and couldn’t stop buying them. Ha! The first movie memory that comes to my mind is seeing Monsters Inc. Sounds weird huh? We went to see it for my birthday. We being me and some of my high school friends. Mind you this was years ago but it still stands out. It was a time when high school was coming to a close and friends were beginning to think about future plans. At that movie, during that moment of time, though it was just friends having a good time. No worries about money or jobs. Just good ol’ wholesome fun. It’s a memory i’m glad to have.

  4. Mandy

    I grew up in a town with a drive in, and there was nothing we loved more as kids than piling into the station wagon for movie night. When I moved to Fort Collins, my dad said he knew this town would be alright, because there was a drive in here.

    Now that I’m a mom, there’s nothing I love more than bringing my kids to the drive in. When our fireworks were canceled last year, we went to a movie. The kids enjoyed it so much, they’ve asked if we can just make that our tradition. Instead of being disappointed about fireworks, they bragged to their friends about popcorn and pickles in the comfort of their wagon.

  5. Aaron

    My mom got us tickets and tee shirts to the midnight release of Dick Tracy. It wasn’t the awkward teen with mom outing. It was like two friends hanging out. I saw my mom as a fun relaxed individual who was “normal,” not just my mom. When we were waiting to be seated, she made the comment, “this is so much fun. We are so lucky to be the first people in the world to see it first.” That really blew my mind. I just looked at the crowd in awe and smiled. That moment was the moment that I fell in love with films and the “experience” of going to the movies. I still to this day, take it all in.

  6. Crystal Gertson

    A Lot Of my memories As A Child Revolve Around Movies. I remember Watching Cinderella Over And OveI Again Just As My Daughter Does Now. I Also Watched Dirty Dancing So Many Times I Could Practically Recite The Words. One Of My Favorite Memories Is Watching The Gidget Movies With My Mom! I Still Love Those Movies And Plan To Watch Them With My Daughter When She’s Older, Especially The First One! We’d Also Watch Movies From The Same Genre And I Just Loved Them!

  7. Kinda Shy

    Best movie memory? My two younger siblings playing the video cassette of The Sound of Music over and over and over. I learned every word and song.

    I still can sing “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things” pretty well, if I do say so myself.

  8. Sierra McClellan

    We first moved to Colorado in 1993. It was my mom and dad and all 6 of there kids. It took a lot of patience from then driving from California to Colorado with all of us lol to say the least. Once here they got us moved in and enrolled in school right away but it was hard for all of us to transition. To help us they always thought I events to as a family. When they first found out that there was a drive inn I know they were hesitant on taking all 6 of us in one car out for 2 movies. Talk about a ruckus lol. They did though and the first movie was Apollo 13. As most kids do none of us made it through the whole movie but it was an awesome experience for all of us. The fact of being in the cr at the movies with all sorts I snacks made it even better. Still to this day even being grown up with kids of our own we all remember Apollo 13 at the twin. We even named one of our cats Apollo :) thank you for so many years of great movies and amazing times!!!!

  9. Crystal

    Mine was watching Lord of the Rings for the first time. When the 9 walk up over the mountain pass, the view is ama!zing

  10. Stacey Cochran

    Movies have been such a huge part of my life for so long, and I have so many good memories, it’s hard to choose my favorite!
    A couple of years ago, when the last Harry Potter movie came out, there was a marathon spanning 2 days. I went with my older sibling, and we got to eat tub after tub of popcorn and watch the whole series back to back on the big screen. We got to meet some nice people who had lots in common with us. Then for the last couple of movies, an employee let my husband come in and sit with me after he got off work so we could watch together, even though his ticket was just for the midnight showing!

  11. Cyndi Finkenbinder

    I love movies – especially at the drive in. I don’t remember the first time I went to a drive-in because we always went sometimes with my parents, sometimes grandparents and sometimes the entire family.

    I have lots of favorites. Like in high school with friends sitting on the hood of my mustang. My friends baby was asleep in my lap, one of us was lying on the roof of the car and when a scary part happened she grabbed me around the neck making me jump- waking up the baby. i think it was one of the Friday the 13th sequels.

  12. James Poteet

    My favorite movie memory is from this Friday night. It was mine and my wife’s 16th anniversary and I had never been to a drive in theater and discovered the Holiday Twin. We had an absolute blast and will certainly remember the experience. Thanks so much for having this place!

  13. kota fenner

    My mom and I used to go to the drive in all the time before she passed. There is one night in particular I remember the best. I was about 11 years old and my little sister was two. It was just the three of us, and I believe this was the last time we went together. I’m not sure which shrek movie was playing on the other screen but my sister faught so hard to stay up and watch it. She could barely see it and couldn’t hear it but she kept laughing at it. My mom and I watched our movie, and by the time the first movie was over my little sister was passed out on our laps. She crawled up front and laid down across us. Next thing I know I woke up passed out on my mom also, and it was time to go home. I remember it like it was yesterday. We loved the drive in a lot and it will always be some of the best memories of my mom I’ll ever have. She loved holiday twin and passed down an awesome tradition. Its affordable fun and it gets me out of Greeley. At hard times I’d hide under blankets so we could afford to get in. At great times wed go get funnel cakes, but either way it was always the best night of the week. Thank you guys for the awesome times I’ve had!

  14. Allison Johnson

    I grew up in a small town in Minnesota where we didn’t have a drive-in. Me and my friends would drive hours just to go to a drive-in that only played retro movies. I loved hanging out and tailgating before the movie started and getting bundled up in a million blankets with my friends. When I moved to Fort Collins, I was so excited to live only a few miles from Holiday Twin! It is definitely me and my boyfriend’s favorite date night spot!

  15. Amanda

    My earliest movie memory is actually at a Drive In. It was in Nebraska, although I don’t remember where. We saw Superman 2. We had a 77 station wagon and my brothers got to put blankets on the roof and watch from there. I remember thinking how lucky they were to be able to do that, and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to sit up on the roof too. Superman is still my favorite superhero, I think he was imprinted on me :)

  16. Carissa O

    My favorite movie memory of all time was 4 years ago on May 23rd at this drive in! My fiance had asked me out a month ago at the time and he had been patiently waiting for my reply. This is where I finally told him yes! Since then, we always celebrate our anniversary by going to the drive in. He even used the Holiday Twin in his elaborate plan the day he asked me to marry him. Thank you so much for being a significant part of our lives!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Everyone’s stories are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I hope having the opportunity to recall them warms your hearts as it does mine. :)

  17. Amanda

    I have so many memories of the movies.. some good and some bad! I met my best friend due to our love {obsession?} of movies! I enjoy everything about the movies, even the employees! We make little nick names for certain employees that we like a lot! I can say every movie that her and I go to are memorable! Many times we see multiples. I am grateful to have met such a wonderful friend through this love.. One particular time you could say was a “bad” moment.. but proves what amazing friends I have. We were trying to go to the opening of Snow White.. I was carrying nachos and a soda up the stairs to our typical spots. My flip flop caught on a stair and I tripped and due to my hands being full I face planted the edge of the stair. I was pretty hurt and ended up having to have stitches on both my lip and inside my mouth {My teeth were good!!} and my friends were so worried about getting me to the ER they weren’t worried about all the money we had just spent on tickets and concessions. I was bleeding like crazy from the mouth but made sure I got at least the tickets refunded before I would let them take me to the ER. I would have rather stayed to watch the movie, but I eventually got to see it. I am just so very grateful to have my friends and that they enjoy this obsession of mine also!

  18. Missy Thompson

    My favorite movie memory is going to the drive in with my parents and sister in the station wagon. As we drove in we would roll down the very back window and wave to the people behind us. We would throw a twin size mattress in the back to watch the movie and always fall asleep before the second show.

  19. Melissa Buss

    I remember watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with my parents and then having to lay down and sleep in the back of the stationwagon while my parents watched Sleepless in Seattle. SO long ago! Mom would always bring homemade popcorn in ginormous paper bags so we had enough for everyone!

  20. Quetta S

    Movie going for me is something that has become rather recent (in the last 10 years). My parents could never afford for us to all go so I would have to work to get money to go with friends, etc. When I met my husband, I was a senior in high school and we would go almost every weekend. There wasn’t much around where we grew up. There used to be a drive-in, it shut down when we were little little kids, toddlers probably. The screens are still up but they’ve turned the parking into an RV seller. It wasn’t until we moved out here (almost 2 years ago) that we got to experience a drive in. Last summer was the first time I had ever been to a drive in. I’m 24 and LOVE classics-cars, throw backs on cereal boxes, tv shows, you name it. We have a 4 year old son who we took with us and I will never forget the night we took him. It was a first for all of us and his little smile, clapping hands and kicking feet when that movie (Brave) started was worth every single penny spent on him that night. It has now become a new family outing tradition that I hope to continue to share with him and our unborn son for many years to come.

  21. Rebecca Crocker

    I was 6 the frist time i can to the drive in. We watch Dumbo. We come every year. An now my three girls get to come watch now to.

  22. TJ Paton

    Until we moved to Colorado I had only been to a drive-in once, when I was 5 years old (Snow White with Hot Shots Part Deux I can’t believe I still remember). I loved the experience and couldn’t wait to take my kids to one. Now it’s something that we do numerous times every summer. If we can’t go to the drive-in we don’t go tho the movies. It’s just not the same!

  23. Sybilla F

    I remember getting all dressed up in my PJs and laying in the back of the station wagon watching a movie. Now we do the same with our kids in the minivan.

  24. Jen

    My favorite drive in movie memory: My dad and my heavily-pregnant stepmom took me to see “Little Darlings”, a movie that, unbeknownst to them, was a little too racy for me. My stepmom feigned labor pains to get away!

  25. Margaret Z

    I remember watching Harry Potter in a rainstorm when my now 9 yr old was as infant. We would all snuggle under covers and have a night out at the movies. Good memories.

  26. Laurie b

    Oh the drive in. I grew up going with my family and was elated to share the experience with my kids. As a single mom i am always looking for economical ways to give my kids some sweet childhood memories and going to the twin gives me that chance. They get all excited and put on their pj’s then pile the back of the van with blankets and their bean bag chairs. Thank you so much for staying open and providing affordable fun so some day my kids will have some “remember when” experiences of their own.

  27. Ann

    My favorite and first memory of going to see a movie was going to a drive-in in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. I was 5 years old when my parents took me to see Star Wars. We took our hatch-back Pinto, which my dad let me fill with my stuffed animals. I remember the Lon line of cars and sitting forever next to the field of corn. But mostly I remember being together as a family and experiencing something so historic together.

  28. Nick

    My favorite drive-in memory is when my dad and I went and saw Armageddon and blade (so awesome I remember the movies) we never really got to do a whole lot just him and me because it wasn’t fair to my brother and sister but we did this once and ill never forget it. I now have a 3 year old daughter and I am going to make sure we do a lot just her and me. I already plan to take her to see Epic next week if you are playing it so please play it!

  29. Kevin Anders

    Drive-ins have always held great memories for me, from when I was a kid and now with my grandchildren. As they would close over the years we would just keep going to the next one around. The holiday twin is great! Just saw Star Trek here and have another great memory to add to the rest! Thanks for staying in business!

  30. Pamela Dickman

    I remember going to a drive-in in Nebraska as a 6-year-old to see “The Incredible Shrinking Woman.” A neighborhood club took a bunch of us in an old, wood paneled station wagon. We parked at the back of the lot and all sat on the roof, huddled in blankets, with popcorn and sodas. I’ve been to countless movies since then, but that is still my favorite memory. And now I have “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” on DVD. It still makes me laugh.

  31. Desire

    the drive-in in the summer time were some of the best days of childhood. we got to stay up late, eat junk food, snuggle in blankets, and just not have to worry about tomorrow only what was on the screen. (and making sure your brothers and sisters didn’t steal your candy!) and now the joy of taking my children to make memories with them! love this place

  32. Sharon

    I know I missed the deadline for the contest, but thought I would share my memory. Kinda poignant with the recent events. I grow up in Oklahoma City, remember going to a drive-in in the south side of the city(close to moore) to see Twister. It was a hokie movie with its awful rendition of a tornado, but worth going to, if only to make fun of all its misnomers. During the scene where a twister roars thru a drive-in movie, in this very pleasant clear summer night, from out of no where this huge gust of wind rushes past us, kicking up lots of dust. Needless to say it put us on edge for a while. I will never forget the irony.

  33. Stephanie Peterson

    Twin drive in has been a huge part of my husband and my life, especislly now with two little ones. With so many memories, my favorite is recent. My four year old girl, wanted to go to the drive in so bad, begging all day and a kids movie wasnt even playing! She waits until the movie starts and cuddles in my arms, looks at me and says good night. :) she just loves being there! So we finally get to watch a new movie before video!

  34. grace hansen

    When I was in my late teens my friend Traci and I finished watching the movie, drove off in my mom’s tan v.w., heard a “BANG”, looked to the left, sure enough, I had ripped off the speaker (this was a few years ago!) Amazingly, it did not break the window!!!


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