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Movies Change like the Weather Around Here

Wait 15 minutes and the weather and the movies will change… Just when I think we have something locked down, Whoops, think again! What was once a done deal is now un-done. Grown Ups 2 will not be paired with Turbo on Wednesday, July 17th. Instead the line up looks like this: Screen 1: Turbo with co-hit Despicable Me 2 and Screen 2: Grown Ups 2 with co-hit The Lone Ranger. Then on Friday, July 19th, the only change will be Screen 2 when White House Down will replace The Lone Ranger as the co-hit to Grown Ups 2. This movie business is strange to say the least. A film company tentatively agrees to one deal, then their pictures draws better than expected and suddenly they won’t agree to terms they had previously agreed upon. I, for one, am grateful we have a film booker that works those deals for us, because if it was me, I would loose my patience with them!! 30 + years as a flight attendant have taught me to be flexible, indeed. Sometimes though, I feel like Gumby 🙂 We are booked to play Wolverine on Friday, July 26th, and the co-hit will be determined on Monday, July 22nd. We have our new shipment of t’s in stock and they are fantastic! The girls shirts come in neon colors as well as heather blue, purple and peach. The guys have a new mocha color that rocks. They are $20 in the snack bar. We also have in stock our thermal logo mugs. They are $15 and when you purchase them we will fill them with soda, coffee or water! 6840_purple_Rush_796010_macchiato_copy-1 See you at the Movies ! Snackbarqueen


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  1. Gretchen

    We are trying to figure out which movies will be playing this weekend. The phone mail box is full, so we cannot even listen to the recording. When will the movies be posted?

    thank you
    (looking forward to coming, i haven’t been to a drive-in in years)

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Gretchen, Our movie line up for July 26th – August 1st is as follows: Screen 1: The Wolverine with co-hit Pacific Rim. Screen 2: Turbo with co-hit Despicable Me 2.


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