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New Line Up

Our line up for Friday, August 2nd through Thursday, August 8 will be as follows: Screen 1: The Wolverine with co-hit Red2 Screen 2: The Smurfs 2 with co-hit Despicable Me 2 That’s a lot of 2’s!! I don’t we have that many for the marquee, so we may have to improvise. Too, Two, to, tu, II….hum….? Any other ideas? 2 LOL, I’m sure we’ll figure it out. We’ll be on the screen rain or star shine. We will be closing weeknights starting on August 19th, through the end of our season. We will remain open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See you at the movies! Snackbarqueen


8 Responses to “New Line Up”

  1. Derrick

    Really hope you put Planes with Elysium, that way my 4yr old can watch that first then fall asleep and mom and I can watch Elysium!!! Please!!!

  2. Taylor

    For the 2nd through the 8th is Despicable Me 2 the feature or is Smurfs 2? The front page says despicable me, and here it says the smurfs. Just wanted to clarify 🙂


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