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Our Top Ten List & Blog Post Winners

While Letterman may be famous for his top ten list, we infamous for the number of questions we get that make us go ??eh??? We realize that anyone out of their normal environment tends to get a bit confused, some even lose their heads! Like we say in the airline business, “folks check their brains and carry on their luggage!” It is so true. There’s just something about our humanness that makes us out of sorts in unfamiliar situations. So here’s numbers 10-6 from our top ten list of questions asked that make us go “huh?”

#10. – “Why do we have to use the radio in our car?” – Well you don’t HAVE to, you can bring a radio from home. Not being an indoor theater, we can’t broadcast the sound out over the field, that would really annoy the neighbors!
#9 – “Why does the movie start so late?” – Most people ask us this about 7:00 at night. Well, it’s an outdoor theater and we could play, “White Geese, Flying in a Snowstorm.” But who would pay for that?
#8 – “Do you have a place where you can get something to eat?” Well, yes, it’s called a snackbar!
#7 – “Do you have restrooms?” Oh No, but the girls bushes are on the right and the boys are on the left :)
#6 – “Can we set outside our cars?” Sure! But you may want to bring your own chairs, the rocks are kind of hard.

Stay tuned next week for numbers 1-5.

Congratulations to Melissa Olsen and Lory Ann Varela, they were the winners of the blog post contest. We’ll post another contest next week along with more funny questions for the top ten list.
See you at the movies!

12 Responses to “Our Top Ten List & Blog Post Winners”

  1. R

    Please advise your facebook update person that it is PAIRING, with the “i”!

    I can’t in clear conscience like or share the status with the misspelling.

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Sorry your conscience won’t allow you to share a mistake like that. The facebook update person is me, the owner of the drive-in. I wear about 30 hats around here and sometimes, in this case, it’s been a long day or a short night and I’m exhausted and up against a deadline. Mistakes happen and if you like to point them out by being helpful that’s great and appreciated. If you can’t accept that I’m doing my best then there is nothing I can do about that. I won’t apologize for not being perfect.

      • Anthony E.

        Awesome!!! I can’t stand people who have to cry and complain about spelling.. The big thing is that you are getting information out to the public I share it just the way it is! We at ARG Firearms in mead love the movies.

      • Philip

        Great answer! However, I know what you would like to say to sanctimonious (is that spelled right?) individuals who are always looking to point out another person’s mistake(s). Keep going with a great blog – and if it’s perfect – it isn’t natural.

  2. Bean

    One of our first dates was here at the drive-in. We are so grateful to have a place like this so close to home. Thanks for all you do and we look forward to seeing you soon. Also, how do you pick the movies that com in (I always wondered about that)? Any chance the movie called, “The Heat” will be showing up soon? :)

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      We work with a film booker that takes care of arranging the films for us as well as working out the terms we pay and the features that will play together. It’s a very complicated process and we’re grateful to have someone who can negotiate the Hollywood waters for us. We don’t have any plans to play the Heat. We have a “No Rated R Movies” during the time when the younger kids are out of school.

  3. Greg Tery

    Hi SBQ,

    This is off topic and I believe I heard this was addressed on FB, but I don’t have a FB account.

    Unfortunately, we have to pass this holiday weekend on both features because of the violence and material of both the second movies. Just can’t guarantee that little one’s will be sleeping by the time the second movie roles around. Definitely a better deal for the two hour round trip if we can partake in both movies.

    Anyway, I think it is unfortunate that pairing something like Despicable Me with World War Z is required. Equally disappointed that Monsters In. needs to be paired with the Lone Ranger. While I was hoping this would be a potentially family friend film, I read that it is not. There is a scene where I guy gets his heart cut out the other guy eats it while it is still beating? And a scene where cannibal rabbits eat another rabbit? While I’m not so worried about myself seeing something like that, it’s just less child friendly than anticipated.

    Hoping you can pair up Turbo with something a bit more friendly in a couple of weeks.


    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      It was addressed on FB, but I’m happy to address it here. We have very little control over what movies are played together. We have no control on the opening week of a new movie. The film companies dictate what features they will play their features with. Now there are films that are out there that we could play together, however, the cost of playing them would be over 100% and we wouldn’t have a drive-in very long if we paid more for the movie rent than we take in ticket sales. We have a very, very short season to try to recoup the cost of doing business so our film buyer makes every effort to give us the most current films in the most cost effective package available. (Our liability insurance alone is over 30K just for 5 1/2 months of operation. At 80% film rent per ticket, it takes a lot of tickets sales just to re-coup.) It’s not always an ideal combination, and we are well aware of that. We’ve asked him to make adjustments for a kid-friendly combo if possible in the weeks to come. Even if you bring your family to see the first movie, then leave, it’s still less expensive than going to the indoor theater. Plus you have the drive-in experience that you can’t get somewhere else. If everyone only came to the drive-in when there was a combo they liked the drive-in would be history. We’re grateful for our fans who understand that the film companies treat us like a discount house as we have two first-run movies and we don’t charge full price. Therefore, we don’t always get to play the films that make everyone happy. Hope we have something more to your liking later this summer.

  4. Doreen and Mark

    Hello Managers ! We are active members of a vintage car club in the area and are considering bringing our club members out to your drive-in and most will be driving their classic cars from the 1920′s through the early 1980′s. We are looking at the month of Aug. 2013 on a Sat. night and would like to find out what movie offerings you will be having on the particular nights of Aug. 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31 ? {Our first choice is Aug. 24th, though.} Thank you for your expedient reply so that we can get the news out regarding the specifics to everyone pronto on our next monthly newsletter and at the next monthly club meeting ! We hope this prospective, forth-coming fun-filled evening works out for us and happy memories can be made for all attending !! Most Appreciatively, The Johnsons of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America, Northern Colorado Chapter

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      We have a number of car clubs that join us every summer and we’re glad to have you as well. Check your email for my response.

  5. jay waters

    I have been to the drive in three times this summer and I’m planning on coming next Saturday the 20th i was just wondering what movies are playing

    ps. i love your lime snow cones!!!!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Jay, Monday’s Facebook post will have all the details, but I do know Screen 2 will be Turbo with Grown Ups 2 and Screen 1 will be Despicable Me 2 with a co-hit we will know on Monday.


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