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Party Central & Giveaway

We had a great time last night hosting the Sisters On The Fly. Their delightful vintage trailers are a hit at the drive-in!

We host a number of groups throughout the season and this year is turning out to be busier than usual. On tap we have 3 birthday parties, 4 groups, several car clubs as well as a preschool group in their school bus :)

The CSU campus activities director contacted us asking for a CSU double-feature night in August! WHEW! That could be a few folks :)

Last year we had a wedding – on the roof – in the rain, no less. This year brings us another challenge as we host a wedding reception for 150 people!!
Mom and I are really looking forward to this event. Ben and Lea have chosen the drive in to cater their wedding rehearsal and treat their guests to a movie. How fun is that?

Shortly after Ben and Lea’s wedding, the Northern Colorado Young Professionals are having their night out at the drive-in.

My mom asked me the other day if we were a movie theater or a caterer? When I was growing up my mom was a professional caterer and she use me as her helper. I credit her with my love for cooking and I’ve tried to treat the snack bar as a place where we can offer tasty, quality food, within the drive-in environment. As our fan, Steve Miller put it in a FB post, “They have the best grilled food of any drive in I have been to! Their burgers are seasoned, thick, juicy, and grilled to perfection, served hot off the grill with tons of fresh toppings you can pile on yourself. A huge improvement over what I remember other driver ins serving as a kid, such as paper thin burgers wrapped in foil and sitting for hours on a warmer. It’s more than a theater that serves food, it’s a restaurant that shows movies.”

The apple didn’t fall very far from the tree, I guess. Our family tradition continues as my oldest son, CJ, headed off to culinary school at the Broadmoor Hotel last August.

Now’s the time to plan your party at the Twin. Contact us via our email address, holidaytwin@hotmail, to get the details. We’re filling up our weekends fast!
For a fun giveaway this week we’ll give away a $15 snackbar goodie coupon to two winners. Just leave us a comment about your favorite drive-in treat. Contest closes on Wednesday, July 17 at midnight.

On a movie note, we’ll be opening Turbo on Wednesday, July 17th. The co-hit will be Grown Ups 2. Despicable Me and Monsters University will continue on Wednesday and Thursday night. Despicable Me 2 will have a new co-hit on Friday, July 19th and we will announce that on FB on Monday, July 15th.

See you at the movies!


35 Responses to “Party Central & Giveaway”

  1. Walt Schaefer

    I have not yet gone to see a movie there yet BUT sometime before summer is over I am going to and I am taking my 10 year old grandson with me so he can experience the fun and thrill of seeing what a good time it is to see a movie at a drive in instead going to a movie theater!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Walt! Time to come with Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University, it’s a great combo and will only be around through Thursday, July 18th. Don’t miss out :)

  2. Kayla

    My family’s favorite thing at the snack-bar would be cotton candy OR nachos! At your drive-in is the only time we have them ♥ makes the trip that much more fun & special.

  3. Kim

    My family goes to the drive in all the time and I have two younger siblings. Every time we go they absolutely LOVE getting the sno cone. They are a good size, there’s a ton of flavors, and they are affordable too! And you can never go wrong with a red bull after the first screening to help you get through the second movie :) Looking forward to the Despicable Me 2 with Monsters University screening tonight!

  4. Liz Hahn

    I absolutely love coming to the drive in with my 5 year old daughter! We come there twice a month! Our favorite snack is the nachos! I love the price of everything at the snackbar! The cost is a big thing for me as a single mom! Thank you for providing such great service in all areas!

  5. Joshua Dorsey

    Though we have yet to try everything on the menu (still need to get a cheeseburger!), we definitely enjoyed the bratwurst on our last visit!

  6. Anna

    I adore the funnel fries, now I don’t have to wait for the fair for my funnel cake fix!

  7. Jennifer

    Popcorn. It is always a movie classic & its so great sitting out under the stars, popcorn in hand, watching a movie.

  8. Diane

    While I understand you can’t please all of the people all of the time, SOMETHING has got to be done about the wait time in the snackbar! The last time I was there I stood in line for 45 minutes just to get popcorn & missed the first 15 minutes of the movie. We all love the food & we’d LOVE to be able to support you guys more & have the family buy dinner there once we arrive, but we eat before we go so we don’t have to stand in line. On a VERY positive note, the customer service has ALWAYS been friendly – Really the ONLY complaint I have is the wait time. Maybe more cashier lines…?

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Diane, I’d love to expand the snack bar, however, having just spent $250,000 on projectors our funds are very limited. We know the wait can be long on Friday and Saturday nights. That’s why it’s best to come very early. We have talked about making a satellite area but the logistics are a nightmare. We’re operating in a building that was built in the late 60′s and while we’ve added on, we’re at the end of our rope with the electric. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Come early, that’s my best advice this season, we’re working on what to do next year. Thanks for your support.

      • Diane

        Thanks so much for the response! We really do love the place, and we go as often as we can. We’ll take that advice & get there earlier next time we go!!

  9. Melody

    Popcorn reigns in our minivan…or should I say rains with our three boys. heehee!! I know it doesn’t count, but the dancing hotdog at intermission stole my heart ten years ago when I went to the drive-in for the first time! So funny!

  10. Lori Womack

    Popcorn by far is our family fave treat at the drive-in…OH and nachos…YUMMMMMM!!!

  11. Joey B

    Popcorn is always a must for us and we are never disappointed here. Not to mention all the great choices in the snack shack to sample with it. Nachos, pretzels oh my! Mac and the crew always friendly and helpful to satisfy our cravings. Thanks holiday twin!!

  12. Stefanie

    Our favorite treats are the salted pretzels and the popcorn. No one has popcorn like the Holiday Twin Drive Inn!!!

  13. Jessye

    I always get a rainbow sno cone when I visit the drive-in. It’s a cold treat on a warm night and it always reminds me of summer. When I was living in Durango the drive-in here in Fort Collins was one of the things that I missed most. Now I’m happy to be back eating sno cones every week or so at one of my favorite places of all time.

  14. Marcus Hatch

    My favorite treat at your drive-in would have to be your hamburger. I tried the hamburger combo last time I went, and I wasn’t sure if it was a smart choice or not. I thought that the hamburger was going to be small and tasteless but to my surprise it was big and delicious. The coke that you guys serve is not really sweet like at other places which I enjoy as well. I try to buy something every time I visit, and I will continue to buy food items to support your drive-in.

  15. Johnathan

    My favorite treat at the drive in would be the hotdog and popcorn since they show them dancing between movies, but I will say the cheeseburger and a beverage since they are classic and good at the Drive in

  16. Jeff E

    Always get a burger and onion rings,the best around and gotta get nachos for second film,go twice a month and always look forward all week to it

  17. Jody Distler

    Haven’t been to a drive in for YEARS – but hoping to get down for Despicable Me2 / Monsters University this week!!

    As a kid – couldn’t afford much after paying for the movie, but the popcorn & nachos always smelled SOOOO good!! Now I’m adult with a bit more disposable income … snack bar, here I come!!

  18. Perizada B

    The crispy, sweet, cinnamon-y churros are a favorite w/my family!

  19. Stacey

    popcorn and a coke! But now I am craving one of your burgers after all the comments!

  20. Janelle

    We love the nachos for my oldest, sno cone for my middle boy, and popcorn for the little one and me to munch on at the drive-in. Nothing better for summer family fun. Thanks for keeping up the family tradition and yummy snacks Holiday Twin Drive-In!!!

  21. Stephanie

    Oh how I love the popcorn, candy, and soda! My son would say the light up sucker pop!!! and the Lil kids snack pack is awesome… Hope you continue to do it, although think it may just have been a MU thing?!?
    BUT I went last week to see DM2… And we were gonna get a hamburger… seen them and look amazing… I thought I’d try the burrito instead… OMG delicious…. So tasty and tender meat!!! Def recommend to all who go… :-) thank you for all you guys do… Hope to continue to see you guys for many many more years! See you tomorrow night!!!!

  22. Carrie

    Your popcorn and funnel fries are the best. We drive up there once or twice from Boulder every summer. It’s an annual tradition and we love your theater.

  23. Alison E

    My husband and I always head to the drive in for date night. We start out with the garlic burgers, fries, and onion rings. Then between the first and second movie we head back for nachos and I sometimes get nachos as well (so I don’t eat all of his ha ha!) or popcorn. Always a fun time!

  24. Allison M

    My kiddos LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the snack bar!! They always start with “chips and cheese” otherwise known as Nachos to everyone over the age of 6 :) and then they get to pick out either a candy or a snow cone-rainbow of course. If the night ends up a little chilly, we love grabbing some hot cocoa to sip on.

    Thank you for all that you do! See you this weekend


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