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Red Bull TV: The Fourth Phase

Miss watching movies under the stars?

Waiting for the snow to fly?

Answer yes to one or both of those questions and we’ve got just the thing.


October 2nd we will be playing Travis Rice’s new snowboard movie on the big screen!  Join Red Bull TV and us as we present “The Fourth Phase”.  Legendary snowboarder Travis Rice and his team embark on 16,000 mile (26,000 km) journey to some of the North Pacific’s most dreamlike landscapes.  Just watching the trailer is a thrill ride…

But wait… The best part is, its free. Yes we said free. Get your tickets here. (yep $0, but we do have a limit so get ’em quick) 

This is going to be an event. Get stoked folks, we definitely are. 

We’ll groove early with some live music! Your favorite food trucks will be here for great eats and we’ll be popping our famous popcorn, because what’s a show without it?

Updates will be available on our Tidbit page (it’s our new app so don’t miss out!)
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More info about tidbit later… If your a fan of the Holiday Twin, you’re gonna need it.  If you’re attending this event, you’re gonna need it, basically you need it.

We’re looking forward to this event and we hope you’ll join us.

Thanks from all of us at The Holiday Twin!

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