• No Alcoholic Beverages allowed.
  • Leashed pets are welcome.
  • Absolutely no food delivery. No glass containers allowed.
  • No fireworks (including sparklers).
  • Keep your tickets. Security will ask to see them.
  • No BBQ’s of any kind, or Open Fires.
  • No Sub-woofers, no excessive noise, no horn honking. Be considerate of our neighbors.
  • All open hatches are to be tied down so they are horizontal to the roof line of the vehicle.
  • No switching theaters. Film company policy prohibits switching theaters without paying separate admission.
  • We do not allow re-entry for any reason. If you leave and wish to re-enter, you will be charged.
  • No cash refunds. Our cash is picked up in regular intervals and taken off the property.
  • No rain checks. The show goes on rain or shine.
  • No sitting on top of your vehicles due to safety and insurance concerns. Sitting outside your vehicle is at your own risk. Sit as close to your vehicle as possible.
  • Drive slowly! Speed limit is 5 mph. Do not cross ramps, use roadways only.
  • No driving with headlights on. Please use your parking lights and drive slowly.
  • Only one parking spot per vehicle, no saving spaces. Park as close to the pole as possible.
  • For any power outages or unfixable technical problems we will issue Refund Passes for that feature.
  • We assign parking. Vehicles are parked according to height. Security personnel will direct you. Please ask our security personnel if you have any questions, they will be glad to assist you.
  • Colorado’s Amendment 64 has impacted our theatre. However, we are private property and
    retain the right to regulate all activity. The use of Marijuana will not be allowed on the property.
    We ask that you respect our request to provide a smoke free environment for everyone to enjoy.
    Cigarette smokers please move to the back of the theatre, away from other cars. Thank you for
    your cooperation.