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Save the Holiday Twin Drive-In

Save the Holiday Twin Drive-In
For nearly 50 years the Holiday Twin Drive In Theatre has been a part of the Fort Collins, Colorado community.

Save the Holiday Twin on Kickstarter

When Wes Webb purchased the theatre in 1979 he never dreamed it would become the icon it is today. Thirty-eight years later it’s time to ensure that future generations can enjoy this drive-in theatre experience in Northern Colorado.

Wes and Stephnaie

What’s going on?

Future development on the property south of the theatre’s driveway has created renewed interest in preserving our theater. In response to the petition on (the petition was not created by the owners or family members of the Holiday Twin Drive-In Theatre) we’ve created this campaign. The best way to “Save the Holiday Twin” is to attend frequently throughout each season.

What does the Drive-In need?

Our current building, electricity and sewer are outdated and stressed to the limit of their capacity. Our facility struggles to handle our current patronage. In 2013 owners Stephanie and Wes Webb converted the theater to digital projection using funds they had saved over years of operating the theatre, thereby depleting their reserves.

Throw-back to the Drive-In’s original speakers.

The Future of the Drive-In…

Now you can help us as we plan for a major overhaul of our theater. The overhaul will take at least two years complete. Year one we plan to re-design, plan and apply for all necessary permits. In year two, during the off season, the remodel work will take place. This process will include: increased electric capacity, replace sewer and water lines and completely re-work our 50 year old building that houses our snack bar, restrooms, storage and projection booths. The bid to trench a new electrical line with increased capacity is $25,000. So what do I do? Our budget for the entire project is $350,000. You can help us reach our starting goal of $25,000 by supporting this “Save the Holiday Twin Drive-In” Kickstarter. Buy a sticker, buy a shirt, or bring the neighborhood – any way you choose to support us will help and we appreciate all our fans! Β 


But wait, I thought you said you were busy!

We are very grateful for the love and support from the community of Fort Collins and beyond. The economics of a Drive-In Theatre are not what they used to be. The majority of ticket sales (between 65%-75%) must be paid to the film company. We are a seasonal business in an aging facility in need of a major overhaul. A large portion of our revenue comes from our snack bar which has reached it’s capacity. Increased electricity is our most pressing need. Keep up with us on Facebook and get instant updates from us about this campaign by subscribing to our page on Tidbit!
From all of us at the Holiday Twin

Save the Holiday Twin on Kickstarter!Β 

The problems we have are good problems, our popularity has out grown our capacity. We have to either renovate, move or close. Our first choice is renovation. Our renovations will take at least two years to complete. With the support of our community we believe we can make it happen. When you make it a point to visit the Holiday Twin more than once a summer you increase the likelihood of our success. Share our story with your family and friends and invite them to participate in “Saving the Holiday Twin Drive-In Theatre” this summer!

25 Responses to “Save the Holiday Twin Drive-In”

  1. Meme man

    I love this drive in. For a few years I have been coming over and watching movies and having fun. I would be very very sad if it shut down. This is a amazing theater. the huge screens are a great view. The food is great. There pre show mini golf is very fun and enjoyable. If you are reading this please save this drive in theater. I hope we as a community in fort Collins can save this drive in and have it. I think it deserves to stay open. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

  2. Crystal Fuentes

    Holiday Twin is a family tradition for over a decade now. Our large family goes twice a month and will continue to do so this summer. We also plan to always invite as many friends as possible and ALWAYS support the snack bar and venue! If I ever win it big, I’d donate the largest portion possible to Holiday Twin because that’s how near and dear to my heart this place is. So many wonderful memories here!

  3. Star

    I make the drive from Evans/Greeley as often as I can, been going to the Holiday Twin drive in since I was a kid with my parents or eldest sisters and now I go with both family and friends it’s nice to take the kids as well and have them expierence the nostalgic piece of history. I’m always promoting the Holiday Twin by word of mouth and social media to everyone. I’m sure if everyone promotes the Holiday Twin and we can get a street team to volunteer and make flyers we can promote to all surrounding cities it can successfully succeed. And or maybe also just raise the Adult ticket to $10 I’d gladly pay $10 it’s a good deal for 2 features.

  4. Katy Goldman

    Please don’t close!!!!! Let’s do what it takes to save the Holiday Twin!!!

  5. Dianna Scholebo

    I will do everything in my power to save this drive-in, even if it means I can only watch one movie (that will be hard) on work nights. Love you guys, keep up the great workπŸ˜ƒ

  6. Scottie Davis

    This place is awesome and please start or continue patronage! My family and I love it! Kids prefer it over the theaters…nothing beats the feeling of the drive-in and who doesn’t like a 2 for 1 deal!!!!

  7. Ward McPanga

    Let’s start serving fried shrimp at the snack bar. Everyone loves fried crustaceans.

  8. D.W.

    Anyway you guys can’t start up a cash tip jar at the box office and snack bar? I would love to pay extra especially since we usually bring 3 kids under 6 who we don’t get charged for.

  9. Shane Juenemann

    I’ll help!! I’m soooo tired of “progress” that eliminates character and cherished memories!

  10. Jason

    It’s a cool place. Our family attends, eat dinner there and we have a t-shirt!

  11. Dorothy Moellenhoff

    My family and I want to do what we can as well. I moved to colorado 23 years ago. Lived right down the road from the drive-in for several years. Now live in Loveland but really do like going there and hate to see a piece of history go away. We will keep going!

  12. Joanne Rhodes

    My family loves the drive-in and we share our love for it whenever possible. If we have out of town guests we take them to the drive-in. My great niece is coming next week. I can’t wait to bring her and start a new generation of loving the drive-in.

  13. Bill

    Love going to the drive in but all you are showing lately is kids movies or comic book super hero movies. There are a lot of people that would like to see a drama, western or comedy play once in a while. Would go a lot more if these would be playing and I eat a lot of popcorn.

  14. Renee

    My husband and I are natives of this area and have always LOVED drive-in. If it were ever go it would be the end of a great era that I don’t think we could ever get back.. So lets all help support a local business. And it will help keep the money and fun in our neck of the woods..

  15. Courtney

    Keep us posted, I have been bringing my 6 year old since he was a baby, and hope he can still go as an adult! We live in Loveland too and love coming up for an evening out.

    Side-note, one of the coolest things was seeing How to Train Your Dragon, with dragons flying on the screen and bats flying around the screen!!

  16. Trevor malone

    We went for the first time 2 weeks ago and will be back this weekend great food more than affordable we had a blast

  17. Debbie McClintock

    We are from Albuquerque , just moved here and are VERY EXCITED to go to the drive in tonight! What nights do you have the food trucks? We will defiantly eat on your snack bar to help keep you open

  18. Lonnie

    Hi Folks , I’m 51 this August and I love that place with all my heart !! Now my 3 kids are adults and last year they went about 10 times.And me and my wife about 5 !! But they want to also keep it going and to take there kids !! My grandkids!! But I have to say not just me a bunch of are friends and my adult kids of 25 years old or so !! Have wanted to go so bad this year that none of us would because all you have had is Kids movie?? As a promoter my Self and as many people I have talked to that goes when we go that they agree also !!
    I will still be yr number 1 supporter and all my friends and familys !! But would be nice to get a few adult type movies !!there are so many great movies now days to just put kids movies on only ??? Thank you !πŸ–’πŸ‘πŸ–’πŸ‘

  19. Lonnie

    ☺P.S I just looked and you will have the planet of the Apes 3 movie !! Good job that’s one for adults !!πŸ–’I will round up my family and 8 others !! Not counting other people !!
    Hey I just noticed something that us kids loved when I was in high school and college kids and a bunch of adults always looked forward to !! And that’s a Dollar Tue night’s?? Of course now you would need to make it $2.50 or a quarter less then that theater that does $2.50 shows. But if you’d match them and of course you’d get all food and beverage might need to find out what nights are least amount people coming but you’re always going to get that extra edge of people that wanted to watch one movie during the week !!And hoping by fri there’s a new movie so us for bards would come again weekend time !!!

  20. Katrina Richman

    I Love this Drive in! I’ve been going to it since my kids were under 3! They are both over 20 now!! I want to take my grandkids!! I’ll help howeveri can!!πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸπŸ’•πŸ’•

  21. Catherine Weber

    The very first movie I saw here, was E.T. I make sure to bring my children every summer. Every week I check the movie line up because I would much rather watch it here than at a corporate theatre. This place has to stick around forever.

  22. Scott

    I have been going to the Holiday Twin Drive In since I was a kid growing up in Fort Collins, beginning in 1967, so 50 Years now, We live almost 50 miles east of Ft. Collins and have taken our kids to the drive-in and now our Grandkids to the Drive-in. Drive-ins are fun, nostalgic and a remembrance of a better time to share with the family. God Bless and we are coming again in July 2017.

  23. Cindi

    I agree with all the above comments. Especially the one from Lonnie. We also would like to see more adult movies and less of the marvel and kids movies. Just a thought. Could you possibly have one screen for the kids and the other for adults? Also, please advertise online and via phone midweek what movies will be playing that Friday. Just tried to call and there is no recording telling what movies are playing…. just a recording saying the mailbox is full.

    Thanks for keeping this family tradition alive!

  24. Rebecca

    Drive-in theaters is Americana! Get the word out about this piece of America. Do more advertising like at the CSU sporting events.


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