Adventures of the Snackbarqueen

Spring time in the Rockies

“Wait 15 minutes and the weather will change!” It must be spring time in the Rockies. Wintery weather one day and 60 degrees the next. We plan to open again this weekend on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27. This will be our last weekend only week until mid-August. Our employees are happy and so are we! th I just started a Pinterest board dedicated to Drive-Ins. Replacing 35 mm film with digital has made me nostalgic, I guess. Everyone around here is looking forward to seeing the lot filled with folks who are out to enjoy a nice evening with their friends and family under the stars. You can follow me here: We had some great press this past week in the Reporter Herald thanks to Jessica Benes. The story was picked up in the Denver Post and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing with folks calling us to congratulate. We also been asked to help other independent theaters in Colorado and Utah gain knowledge about the conversion process. For our conversion we basically jumped in with very little knowledge about the whole process, and we’re so glad we did. UDITOA, United Drive-In Theater Owners Association, of which we are members, gave us some helpful information. However, experiencing it first hand is a whole other ballgame. It’s a pleasure to help other “mom and pop” operations with their transitions. Our program will be the same: Screen 1: Oblivion with Identity Thief and Screen 2: The Croods with Scary Movie 5. Iron Man 3 starts May 3rd! See you at the movies! Snackbarqueen

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