80th anniversary of drive-ins

Happy 80th Anniversary Drive-In Theaters!

This is my favorite time of year. The nice sunny and warm days combine with cool nights. There’s a gentle breeze at the drive-in tonight and it makes for an excellent night to sit out and enjoy a movie under the stars. It makes me wonder if that’s what Richard Hollingshead, Jr. was thinking of when he launched his 400 car Automobile Movie Theater, back on June 6, 1933.

Shortly, we will begin showing a documentary on our snack bar tv entitled, “Going Attractions” by filmmaker April Wright. Wright has spent years compiling the history of drive-in’s all across the country. The Holiday Twin is part of the story and shown in the film.

Wes and I are proud to be members of a dwindling group of drive-in theater operators. We know … Read More »