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Tidbit – “A small piece of news or information.”

Here at the Holiday Twin Drive In Theatre we are always looking for ways to better communicate with our customers.  After all, if you don’t know what’s showing, how will you decide to come to the movies?

In early 2014 the issue of missing information came to the forefront when I became aware of our patrons having difficulty seeing our social media posts. As a result, I began to earnestly think about and research the most effective communication tools available. 

I’ll spare you the details, however I eventually landed on the idea of designing and building our own app to utilize push notification technology thereby reaching our customers directly.  Notifications are sent via an app, directly to the notification bar/ lock screen of your smart phone and allowed by you.  For a minute, I thought the idea would work, but it turned out to be cost prohibitive.  

During the summer of that same year the idea morphed into Tidbit.  Create a community where with one app you can connect and be connected to the things that really matter to you.  It may be your customers, your work group, the team you follow, even the your kids soccer coach can use it. One app anyone can use to harness the power of notifications.

With encouragement and help from my son, Josh Cisar, we spent well over a year designing and building the app.  We used a team of developers to code the app with design input from the two of us. The app was released in August of 2015 and we tested it in a small market and with select groups and teams.

Since 2015 the app has been tested and refined and we are now ready to release it to a wide audience.  We believe Tidbit will enhance and revolutionize your marketing and communications.

Folks are always asking us to “Keep the drive-in going!” and “What can we do to help?”  Here is your opportunity.  Download the free app, subscribe to our page and let other businesses, groups, teams and clubs know about Tidbit so they can use it too!  It’s free…it’s easy…it’s awesome!

Visit our website: for more.

Available on iOS or Android.

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