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Top Ten List Finishes and Giveaway

This week I’m giving you the final five in our Top Ten List.

#5 – Can we just come to see the second feature? Yes of course! It’s the same price for one movie or two and we don’t shut the box office down until halfway through the second feature on both sides.

#4 – Do we have to stay for both movies? Oh yes, we won’t let you leave until the last credit runs!! Folks you can leave anytime you want, BUT….we don’t allow re-entry.

#3 – Why did you switch the sides? Last week this was side one and the other lane was side 2? Ok, now this one has us scratching our heads every time. We’re not sure if folks get confused when we move the movies from one side to the other or if they really believe that we take the time to repaint the box office, switch the signs along the drive way and on the sides of the box office. Trust us, side 1 is always on the right hand side of the driveway as you approach the box office and side 2 is always on the left. The drive-in was built in 1968 as a single screen theater. The large field on the Northeast side of the property was the only screen. When the second screen was built (the West screen) they called it screen 2. So while the movies switch sides, the screen numbers never do.

#2 – What is a co-hit? A co-hit is also know as a second feature but it takes me less time to type co-hit.

And #1 – Don’t you have those box things? – this usually is accompanied by hand motions. No we don’t have box things, a.k.a. speakers, any more. With the conversion to our new digital system our old field wiring was not compatible with the new components. We broadcast on FM stereo and you can always bring a boom box from home if you want to save your car battery.

It’s a great business, a funny business, but great. We’ve hit our stride this year with the opening of Monsters University. Full house every Saturday night. For our seasoned fans they know to come out on a week night and avoid the crowds. Our advice is to come early. When you do come out, remember to bring your own “box thing” if your car battery or antenna is weak ;)

If you missed numbers 6-10 you can read them in my previous post. For our movie pass giveaway this week, leave a comment about which one of our top ten tickled your funny bone. We’ll give away 2 movie passes to two randomly chosen winners next week. Submission deadline is Wednesday, July 3rd at midnight.

Have a great weekend and See you at the movies!


73 Responses to “Top Ten List Finishes and Giveaway”

  1. crystal

    I personally like number one. Its like… those box things are called speakers. Rofl

  2. Jacob H

    Can we just come for the 2nd feature? Of course….but wouldn’t it be better to come and enjoy both the 1st and 2nd? Heck that’s what it’s all about!

  3. Nelson Trujillo

    #3 is a knee slapper for sure. The detailed breakdown was awesome. The confused ones though are probably still confused

  4. Margaret Severson

    4&3 both cracked me up. I think it would ne awesome if you guys did chain is down and forced both movies on us. And I’ve been coming to see you guys since I was two years old. The sides have never changed. I mean really people?

  5. Marcus Hatch

    #8 Is the most ridiculous that I read. Before the movie comes on there is specifically a mini movie that says that the Drive-In makes their money off food. Why would you guys post that video if you did not serve food? Lol It is just so dumb that someone would ask if you have a place to get something to eat. :p

  6. Joshua Dorsey

    Love this entire list – I laughed at #1, as I identify with it – my first visit to Holiday Twin every year isn’t complete without me being convinced that the “box things” will be the only way to hear the movie until my wife casually reminds me that this isn’t the 1980′s.

  7. Kim Arnold

    #5 is the best because my kiddos are asleep (usually) by the time the second movie even starts. LOL

  8. Kymm O'Malley

    I rather enjoyed the whole list and must admit (quite ashamedly) that I laughed out loud at each one! =) I do think however that #4 got to me the most – with an actual belly laugh – as I pictured security patrolling the drive-in not allowing anyone to leave. “I am sorry sir, you are going to have to wait until ALL of the credits have finished rolling.” =) The Drive-In Police! More than a little giggle over that one! =) Thanks for the smiles this Saturday morning! =)

  9. Sabrina Berg

    Love #4 no we won’t let you leave until the last credits! People really ask this? Lol

  10. Stephanie Portz

    I have to go with #1 as well. I can just imagined the confused look and accompanying hand-motions as the question is asked. :)

  11. Sherri Pickett

    #3 is the best! Haha…yes, I’m sure you repaint the box office every week, just to change the sides and confuse people! LMAO! Love it…

  12. Tricia M

    #3 is the best, but I have to admit I can never remember which side is which :)

  13. Robby

    I think it’s funny that ppl get confused over switching the sides the movies are shown on. Silly folks…

  14. Kathy Willyard

    I love your explanation of what a co-hit is and that you went to all the trouble to talk about how typing co-hit is shorter than typing second feature

  15. stephanie gonzales

    I like #4 why would you pay 2 for one movie try to leave and come back!?! Just stay put.

  16. Catherine Gaber

    I really liked the one about switching sides and repainting.

  17. Kate Unitt

    #9- but if the soundtrack was good, I still might pay to see it.

  18. Michelle

    Number 3 cracks me up… Why would you guys want to confuse people by randomly switching sides?

  19. Alice Wilborn

    Hahah! #1. I read the whole thing, then asked myself the question inside my head…and YEP, I made the hand gesture! We miss those speakers. My husband’s car is fairly new and the first time we took it out, we realized it doesn’t have a starter that is OFF, Accessory (for the radio) and start…it goes from off to start…so we KILLED the battery and none of your jumpers had enough juice to get us running again! A fellow movie-goer stayed to watch the antics and offered to give us a jump. A big thanks to the guys who tried and to the one who succeeded!

  20. Andi Brunson-Williams

    Number 3 had my funny bone tickling. Not only was it funny, but it was also educational!

  21. Jennifer

    #4 makes me laugh! Did people think they were going to a prison? lol!

  22. Scott C

    Number 1 I miss the old boxes but the radio system is better anyways no more freezing in the car when its cold out with the window half down

  23. Sarah


    I always see people moving from one line to the other when they realize they’re on the wrong side. People can’t read, apparently.

  24. Tanya

    Definitely #3. Yes, we switch side all the time. We need to keep our employees and customers on their toes! Or maybe we switch sides so you will watch the wrong movie and come back again to watch the movies you originally wanted, but wait, we switched sides again. Too bad.

  25. Steve

    #9 is my favorite. Do they actually think you have control over when the sun sets? Geesh! IT’S A DRIVE IN PEOPLE! IT’S OUTDOORS! LOL

  26. Laura Reinsel

    I have to say the people asking when they can leave is my favorite. I just have an image of your security team blocking the exits and pushing cars back toward the screen!

  27. Hannah

    Number four made me laugh the most. I can’t believe some people would think you would HAVE to stay! Seriously!

  28. Lobogirl

    Well, I love “the box things” because I’d often get to be the one to go out & get it on the passenger side (if no one parked there), making for a ‘stereo’ experience back before there was such a thing :) Ah the memories :D

  29. Diana Liges

    So silly…but I never thought about bringing a boom box..duh…next time for sure :-)

  30. Matthew Stein

    #1… those box things that have sound come out of them… We should think of a shorter word or phrase for that… how about Magic Sound Box? :P

  31. Sarah L

    #4 – I guess you could change the name from The Holiday Twin to The Hotel California!

  32. Nancy Owen

    #1 of course! Those bring up awesome memories of my childhood and also my kids childhood drive-in experience. Times change, but memories remain. I’m just super pleased that you are still there to answer the question!

  33. Lief Youngs

    I think you need the speakers back. But, I also understand that it costs to maintain them. Would it be possible to add plugins/outlets for our own radios?

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      The wiring in the field is so trashed right now from 40 years of cars driving over the ramps that something like that is cost prohibitive.

  34. Cris D.

    I really like #1. Another thing you could do if you don’t have a box thingy and don’t want to use a radio, is make up your own dialogue. That could be pretty interesting and fun. :)

  35. Stephanie

    Ok, like everyone else, I love #3! It’s too funny! It just shows that people don’t pay that close attention to detail :D

  36. Jessica Ford

    I love #3. Like you would change Everything around just for the fun of it!!

  37. Tammie Miller

    #3 post was hilarious! Are you trying to confuse people just for your own humor? Just kidding.

  38. Janet Mertz

    Has to be #1-the best thing was hooking them to your car window and rolling it back up!

  39. leah

    I love #3. I swear my husband asked that one night. I was born and raised in fort collins and it is always the same

  40. Anna

    As a stage nerd, I will always love those “box thing” speakers. They were so beautifully made, I kinda miss them. But listening to oldies while waiting for the movie to start rocks too!

  41. Kevin Anders

    Has to be #3! All were very humerous. Keep up the good work!

  42. Amanda

    #3 Made me laugh! Although I enjoyed learning about the story behind it. But really, do people think you repaint the numbers every few years or what? LOL

  43. Nantena

    This entire list was fantastic! #3 made me chuckle, and #1 reminds me: Are you selling any of your old speakers?

  44. AnnMarie

    #1 — I miss those box things & trying to figure out how to put them on your car so you didn’t scratch, or so everyone could hear, etc…good times.

  45. Melody

    #9 ahhh Sunset….

    Laughed so loud my Hubby wanted to share the laughter with me :) When I married my Hubby 9 years ago was the first time I was initiated into the world of the Drive-in. Now I know Summer has arrived when my boys are playing football in their jammies at the Drive-in before the movie starts. They love it as much as we do!

  46. Helen Keller (yes really)

    #1 hands down. I was always the one that couldnt open my door without squeezing past the post. I do miss them a little when the battery in my old car is saying “You’ll be sorry,” but your rescue rangers always cheerfully serve. Thanks for the boom box tip. The only thing I really miss is the little playground you used to have for the kids. Bless you guys for keeping the drive-in tradition alive.

  47. Jena Ryssman

    Number 3 was hilarious! It’s amazing how often we just aren’t paying attention :)

  48. Dawn

    Those box thingies… Those are the best memory of going to the drive in, and figuring out how to drive around those poles without hitting your doors.

  49. Kirsten Hastert

    I really like #1. Made me giggle cuz I would definitely be the one trying to think of the word and doing the hand motions. haha.

  50. Diana

    Actually I loved #3 but for a different reason. I’ve always wondered why the screens were numbered right to left instead of left to right. Now I know! And I miss the nostalgia of the box thingys… but the sound is so much better on the radio!! And of course you don’t have the old problem of driving off while still attached. That used to happen more often than you can imagine.

  51. Cory

    “Why did you switch the sides?” This one just kills me; if you’ve gone enough to “notice” the sides supposedly switching, wouldn’t you also be observant enough to know that the colors never changed, the numbers haven’t ever switched, and the movies change screens on a regular basis? C’mon people! Use the brain y’all claim to have!!!

  52. Liz smith

    I like #4…. Like they’ll be arrested if they leave after having paid for the show?!!! Lol.
    I just don’t get some questions sometimes.


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