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Waiting for Summer to Begin

Waiting for summer to begin. Is it just me, or have we had three straight weeks of rain? I’m ready for some warm, sunny days and mild summer nights.

Our line-up for May 30th through June 5th will be as follows:
Screen 1: X-Men: Days of Future Past with Godzilla. Screen 2: Maleficent with Blended. Something for everyone as we see it.

Jimmy Buffett tickets are selling great! We’re still trying to secure some pre-show music for folks to enjoy. The food will be hot, the margaritas cold and the entertainment value fantastic.
Go online to secure your tickets.

See you at the movies!


4 Responses to “Waiting for Summer to Begin”

  1. Sandie

    While looking at your menu for the snack bar I do not see POPCORN! Do you not sell POPCORN? Gotta have POPCORN! I know you probably do but just have to make sure. Have a great Summer!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Oh yes! We have the best popcorn around. It was a BIG oversight with our web site developer at the time. This off-season we plan to go through a major web-site overhaul where it will be corrected. Check out our YouTube video and you’ll see the popper in action!

  2. Shannon M

    I see ‘How to Train a Dragon’ starts this Thursday, can you tell me what it’s co-feature is and the two movies on the second screen? Thanks!

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      How To Train Your Dragon 2 starts Friday, June 13th and the co-feature will be X-Men: Days of Future Past. Screen 2 we will be showing Maleficent with Edge of Tomorrow.


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