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Wind, Weather and Warnings

Wind, rain, and weather temperatures always affect the drive-in business. The winds are forecast to be 15-20 miles per hour this weekend so sitting outside and watching a movie may prove difficult. Of course our weather is so variable here in Colorado. What’s the saying? “Wait 15 minutes and it will change.” But according to the NWS that will not be the case this weekend. If you’re planning on joining us this weekend please dress warmly and be prepared for windy conditions.

As a reminder we do have safety and insurance regulations that govern our business. They are posted on the rules section of the website but a few reminders can never hurt.

We don’t allow sub-woofers. This is as a courtesy to our neighbors as well as county sound ordinance. Security staff will ask you to turn them off one time, and then you will be escorted from the theater. If you are a patron and hear a sub-woofer please report it to a member of our security team.

Barbeque’s and open flames are strictly prohibited. Sitting on the roof of your vehicle is strictly prohibited. Both of these rules come straight from our insurance carrier, ($23,000 per year for our liability insurance alone) and we are one of the few drive-ins in the country who actually carry insurance. Most drive-in’s find it much too expensive to carry this type of insurance – so we don’t want to jepordize our insurance in any way.

And finally please be respectful of YOUR neighbors. Smoking is permitted, but be mindful of the cars around you. When it’s time to light up consider moving to the back of the theater for your cigarette, families appreciate it. Colorado may have legalized marijuana but we have the right on our private property to ban it, and we have. We simply don’t allow “pot” smoking on the property. It is a zero tolerance policy, along with drinking alcohol. We confiscate alcohol and you can pick it up on your way out. If you witness this activity while you’re at the drive-in please notify a security officer immediately, they will handle the situation.

Our rules and regulations are in place for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of our patrons. If you can’t follow the rules then the drive-in isn’t for you.

We appreciate your cooperation.

See you at the movies!

14 Responses to “Wind, Weather and Warnings”

  1. Julie Loring

    I was just wondering if you are open during the week. Or if it’s just weekends.

  2. Ruth

    Will the movies shows will be cancel? Because of rain or isolated thunderstorms?

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Movies for those nights will be posted on Monday, June 24th. We will still be playing Monster’s University and World War Z. The co-hits are to be determined.

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      World War Z will be gone on Friday night. It’s last showing is Thursday, July 11th. The Line up for Friday is as follows: Screen 1: Despicable Me 2 with co-hit Monsters University. Screen 2: Grown Ups 2 with co-hit The Lone Ranger.

  3. Stacy

    We are hoping to come out on Friday with the family. Noticed that Grown Up 2 is coming out that day. What show will it be paired with and what shows will be on the other? I can see what you are showing now, but clearly you will have to change them to bring on Grown Up…….


  4. Sarah

    We are driving down from Cheyenne tonight and were wondering what is the best time to get to the drive in? Thanks


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