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Word on Iron Man 3

My inside sources tell me Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man yet! So all you hearty souls dress warm for this weekend and come enjoy the show. Does anyone remember it snowing on May 1st in the past 10 years? I can remember sleet in May but not 8″ of snow. I wish you could have seen my two white Westies! They hate snow, so going outside to “potty” was hilarious. I’d post a picture but I was laughing too hard to take one :D. The storm did give me a little time to catch up on a few things around the house and enjoy my favorite activity, quilting. I don’t get to do much of that during the season. It’s melting fast today and by showtime tomorrow I’m hoping the majority of our fields will be dry. The low spots between the ramps on side 2 can be troublesome, a bit like miniature lakes, really. Congratulations to Pamela Dickman! She won the contest this week for her post. We choose the winners randomly so reply away. Our next giveaway will be posted early next week. Subscribe to FeedBurner via the link on our website so you don’t miss out. See you at the movies! Snackbarqueen


4 Responses to “Word on Iron Man 3”

  1. Christine

    We’re really hoping to be there tonight. We’ve been anticipating it all week. The snow was a concern but we will dance to the ‘sun gods’ to help it dry out :). Can’t wait until 6:30.

  2. Jennifer Miller

    Not liking the snow either. My chow/shepherd loved the snow. But my long haired dachshund – NOT SO MUCH!
    Looking forward to the shows this weekend

  3. Diana

    My pug hates the snow, too! He will refuse to go potty sometimes. :/ He is a stubborn brat, or we will often refer to him as a pughole. 😛 Haha


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