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Words of Advice from a Loyal Fan

This past week I asked one of our biggest fans, Clint Eccher, to write words of wisdom for our patrons.  Clint is a frequent customer, often first in line, and he always seems to enjoy his visits to the Twin.  Thanks Clint!  Here is his great advice. :)

Whenever I suggest to my friends and family that they attend the drive-in, I’m continually surprised at how many have yet to go to one of the state’s last drive-ins and a future historical site. When I talk with them, they don’t realize that going to the drive-in is much more than about the movie. It is an experience. Depending on whether you go by yourself or others, it can be playful, laid back, friendly, introspective, hilarious, calming, romantic, or any number of other experiences. To ensure you do have fun, though, there are things you need to know before you go:

1)      Pad your vehicle as much as possible. We use a large memory foam pad, along with couch pillows and a comforter. I, personally, think this is the most important tip. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll want to come back. My Honda Element makes watching movies more fun than at home.

2)      Arrive early enough to get a decent spot. My family and I prefer to get there early (up to an hour before the box office opens), shut off the car, and just wait in line, playing liar’s dice, hacky sack, reading, talking, or just listening to the birds and wildlife in the open space around the drive-in. I am continually amazed at how people show up last minute, waiting in line as the movie starts and scrambling to find a spot, driving around with their lights on, lighting up the screen with their headlights.
Note: If you do wait in line early, make sure you park to the sides so staff can drive between the two lines to get to work. Also, think about turning off your car to help the environment (that’s a request from my daughter :-) )

3)      Park next to a post, rather in the middle of two of them. Security will come as ask you to move your car closer to a post.

4)      Lower your hatchback or door to the level of your roof. If you forget to bring rope, security will provide you with Holiday Twin twine. We still use the same twine someone gave up two years ago.

5)      Bring a frisbee, soccer ball, football or whatever to play with. Both screens offer a lot of space up front for kids to play, or even better, parents to play with their kids. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. You may be amazed at how they prefer to play with you than do anything else.

6)      Bring the right clothing. The drive-in can be cold in the spring and hot in the summer. However, dress accordingly to be at the right temperature, you will have a much better experience. Unless it’s the middle of summer, be prepared for the temperature to drop considerably from the start of the movie till when you leave.

7)      Remember raingear if you’re watching outside.

8)      Make sure you turn off your A/C and fan while watching the movie. These can suck your battery dry before the end of a movie, if you forget.

9)      Go to the concession stand if your battery dies. Security will come and jump your car with a portable charger.

10)   Get your concessions early. The concessions line can get long near the start of the movie, so go early. Also, you’ll be amazed at how fairly priced the food and drink is at the Holiday Twin. Very rarely will you hear a patron to say buy your food at the theater, but I firmly believe in doing that at the drive-in. Not only are the prices extremely fair, unlike any other theatre in town, but they also support the drive-in.

11)   Don’t bring alcohol or bottles. They aren’t allowed. Security will ask you to be remove them if you have them.

12)   Remember that you can have parties at the drive-in. The benefit is it is only a little more for food, and you get to drive by all us suckas in line. The kids then get the entire space to themselves before the box office opens. We have had several parties there for my daughter’s birthday, as well as her soccer team.

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  1. susie rhodes

    Thank you Clint!! i do go to the drive in but i am that last minute girl! you have brought to the forfront things i have forgotten! it will now be a better eperience for my family

  2. Tina K

    I loved reading these words of advice from Clint. My husband and I have decided to make going to the drive-in a life-long tradition. We have spent every weekend so far this season (minus 2) at the drive-in and love the great family atmosphere and friendly staff.

    We have often talked about bringing our future family here, and look forward to when that happens. We love talking about the Holiday Twin and letting people know that yes!- it’s so much more than just going to the movies!

    Thank you!

  3. Leigh H

    Great tips! I love going to the drive in instead of an indoor theater.

  4. Pam M

    Thanks for all the great tips Clint, but did you really have to go and give away the whole get there early and grab a great spot one? :) Since we come up from Longmont, we always leave at least an hour before the box office opens and we’re usually in the first 10 cars, but now I think I’m going to have to start leaving an hour and a half early since you let everyone else in on the secret! Oh, and you’re absolutely right about the snack bar pricing. It really surprised me the first time we went how reasonable the prices were – and the garlic burgers are totally worth it!

  5. C.H.

    They need to start the movie as soon as it gets dark outside. We’ve waited until almost 9:30 or 10 for the first movie and the kids fell asleep so it was a big bummer for everyone.

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Sorry to hear your experience was a bummer that night. Most Friday and Saturday nights the lines are so long to get in, that we have to start the movies about 15 minutes later than other nights. It’s one more reason to come on Sunday through Thursday evening.

  6. Julieanne R

    Thank you Clint! The drive in is the best and im proud to say my family has loved it for years! The padding ideas are great and we will be using them when we go tomorrow night! Thanks again and happy watching to all! <3 The Ramirez family :)

  7. Susan

    Clint – I agree about buying your food at the concessions at the Holiday Twin. They have a great selection and fair prices. I feel it is my “duty” to help them out so that this drive-in stays in business. My family from Denver is very jealous that we still get to have the drive-in experience!!!

  8. Patrick H

    Good job Clint. I too am a long standing regular at the drive-in,(30 years) along with my family. I grew up in fort collins and i love it. I especially like your words about it being one of only two i think left in the state. that is huge folks.. we are lucky. please support the holiday twin and its concession stand so we can enjoy many more wonderful years to come. :-)

  9. Ginger

    We come up from Denver all the time, and we love it because we can bring our dog – he loves the people watching.

  10. amy

    I agree with everything except the pricing guys must be rich, I went with a five dollar bill and could only afford a medium drink

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      Amy, have you been to an indoor theater lately? I’m sure folks think we’re rich, but that’s not the case. The economics of running a drive in theater are quite complicated. We pay about 80% of the admission price to the film companies for our film rent. We pay $25,000 every year before we open up just to cover our liability insurance, and property tax is close to $20,000. Our electric bill runs over $2,000 every month to run projectors, bulbs, platters and all the electric equipment in the concession stand. We have to pay employees, we have insurance and the cost of all the supplies. This is just a partial list, do I need to go on? Let me add just one more thing, we’re only open 5 months out of the year and we do 80% of our business on Friday and Saturday nights. Some nights we don’t have enough admission to even cover the cost of the electric bill to run the show that night. Don’t worry about us getting rich, but if you like the drive-in theater and want it to stay then support the snack bar.

    • Ginger

      I would have to disagree, my kids can always find pleny to get for not a lot of money; pickles, snow cones (a favorite on the hot nights), cotton candy….

      • Kris

        I woiuld also have to disagree Amy- not only are there decent snacks for less than $5, but they have great food like fresh girlled burgers on the weekends, and what I spend at the snack bar is still half the price of what I’d pay at an indoor theater not to mention admission to get in is at a great discount from the indoor theaters and includes two movies, with a bargain like that Iam happy to spend at the snack bar, and after reading the above message I would like to extend a HUGE thanks to the holiday twin for staying open when most other drive-ins have closed down.

  11. Kate

    I took my family (a 1st for my kids & I) & was honestly not excited. I like the sound sys of the theater & what not. B U T we wanted 2 try it & I absolutely LOVED it! For once I was able 2 snuggle w/my kids & daddy @ the same time. Could get up & stretch, talk quietly w/o upsetting anyone. Oh & the best part? We r a very low income family & with sharing popcorn, candy & 2 sodas we spent WAY less then we ever have in a theater & got to see 2 movies!!!! Idk what the person complaining about consession $ was talking about or maybe they don’t go out much cause their prices are better then any of the indoor places! Can’t wait to go bk & we will bring a clan w/us!!

  12. amy

    Why are you guys so rude, I have noticed on your fb page if anyone doesn’t say glorious remarks you leave five paragraphs of ranting, doesn’t seem too professional, could have written a nicer response and maybe id have changed my mind but youd rather rant at customers

    • Snackbarqueen Snackbarqueen

      I guess I don’t really understand what you’re talking about. When I do read a negative comment I try to respond to the situation with clarity on a subject or to answer for something that has gone wrong. I never try to be “rude”. Perhaps you are reading more into the words than are really there.

  13. Kris

    I would like to add i had NO IDEA till now that you guys did parties, this won’t help with my daughter since hers is in OCT, but very cool I will let everyone else know. Do you have a spot that lists the cost of food, or how to reserve for a party?

  14. Pdx3003

    This place is amazing! Recently moved here and found out about you and have been impressed every time!! I love that it’s half price of a normal movie night, and you can lounge and be comfortable all within yourselves and your vehicle! Thank you for keeping this alive and Hope you many more years of great success!!!!


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